Thursday, 30 January 2014

Do you ever have a ' blah' day?

Do you ever have a blah day? I have one now and again but Tuesday's was a beauty! I'm not sure if it was from lack of sleep due to someone snoring or the sound of the wild wind which has been making the doors and windows rattle at times during the last few days but I woke up feeling like I had run a marathon although I never will actually experience what that feels like I am sure.  Blah days are days when you just want everything to run smoothly so that you don't really have to tax your brain too much and you wish for moments when you can just sit down with a cuppa and relax. It's not a day to be challenged to solve someone's problems or even your own but it didn't take long to sense that it wasn't going to be a very relaxing day.


Perhaps it was the crack of the refrigerator shelf that gave an indication of what was to come. No problem, all I had to do was ring up the store I bought it from and find out what service centre sells replacement plastic shelves. BIG problem, there are no replacement shelves available anymore for that model of LG fridge which wouldn't be much more than five years old!

After making multiple phone calls to various LG spare parts offices where I was advised in the end to do a Google search or perhaps eBay would have a replacement shelf, it soon became obvious that there were no shelves to be found on the face of the earth. So now I have the shelf being held up by a bottle sitting on the shelf below. How's that for ingenuity?


I needed a cuppa after that drama but I should have realised there was more to come when I could hear muttering outside where the garden CEO was trying to read the instruction booklet for the new water pump he had bought from ALDI. After being completely bamboozled by the lack of instructions or was it the green print which made it difficult for a 'senior citizen' to read, there was no way around the problem except to ring the call centre.  

Now, for any overseas readers who aren't aware of what happens when you ring a call centre from Australia, most calls are redirected to call centres in India where the call is taken by a very polite Indian person just trying to make a living. However it is often difficult for Aussies to understand their accent and vice versa which can result in some very heated conversations as frustration follows frustration. I was very pleased when I heard my husband, who is not known for his patience, say to the person at the call centre that he couldn't understand them and would there be another person working there who spoke better English. :-) Eventually he was directed to a website where he could watch a video about how to work the pump and I think I went for a walk at that stage looking for peace and quiet for my distracted brain. 


I checked out the bromeliads which had survived the heatwave and thought how colourful they looked.... 

....I wondered what was the name of this flower....

....and I took in the beauty of the many dahlias we have growing.

I am just loving them as they are so pretty.  

After a walk around the garden I felt a little better so came back inside and was happy when I heard the water pump start up and the muttering stop. The day went on and I was glad when it was over as other events which happened during the day had made it all quite exhausting.

Then yesterday I was notified by the lovely Christina from 2 Little Hooligans  that I had won a giveaway she had on her blog for a Photography for Bloggers e-book by LBG Studio. I was gobsmacked and quite thrilled to be honest as I would love to know how to take better photos for my blog as I need all the help I can get.

I had done a little bit of experimenting with creating effects but to be able to get the hints from the e-book will be just great. 

I am very grateful to LBG Studio and Christina. I often visit the 2 Little Hooligans blog as there are some great projects there which are easy to do and Christina can teach you her method of making butter in a canning jar which would be a great way to teach children how to make butter. Do check out her website when you have time as I am sure you won't be disappointed.

So the blahs left and gave way to a more cheery day which finished with a pleasant surprise. That's life though isn't it? We have some blah days but many more cheery days! 


  1. I think you managed your 'blah' day quite well! Yes, we all have those days and it's good to recognise them and put a cuppa and a walk into them to forget about everything for 5 minutes.

  2. Thanks Frances. I don't have too many 'blah' days thank goodness. :-)

  3. Sorry about your blah day. Mine was today. I'm still not over it, but time moves on anyway. And congrations on winning a giveaway.

    I think Indian people wanting to make a living have successfully taken over the call centre business. Down here in South africa, rerouting calls is not prevalent yet, but it happens quite a bit. The more interesting interactions though, are the ones where an Indian person wanting to make a living calls me from India, to offer me credit from my own bank. During one such call I said to the guy, I don't want to take on more debt, I already have too much debt as it is. And the guy says, then I suggest you take the most money you can get right now, because sooner or later your bank will notice that you're not as well off as they hoped, and then that credit will be gone. Scary advice!

  4. Hope you are feeling better now Damaria. Spending time in the garden when it is cool helps sometimes.


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