Sunday, 17 January 2021

Time is moving along

 Well, here we are in the middle of January already. I find it is hard to keep track of the days since I retired as my life used to revolve around the school year. Some days I wake up and have to spend time trying to work out what the date is. LOL! However, regardless of whether we remember the day or date, time moves on and today I thought I would take stock of what I have been up to lately as I am dreadful at keeping a diary but can always look back at my blog and see what has been going on in a certain month. 

As COVID-19 restrictions stand in Queensland at the moment we are able to resume our Simple Living Toowoomba workshops next month and will be starting with a workshop presented by ....

....Racheal from Birdsong Market Garden who will be talking about DIY Cleaning and Personal Products. 

I have two craft items on the go at the moment. One is a beanie for the homeless in winter... 

...and the other is a scarf. I find that the bulky knit is great for loom knitting as you can just use the one strand unlike when using 8ply yarn. I was able to stock up on the bulky knit yarn at a recent Lincraft sale. All the loom knitted items will be given to one of our organisations that work with the homeless in our city. I don't think anyone who finds themselves in that situation will be too worried about how well the item is knitted thankfully.

I planted some pumpkin seeds a while ago and was very excited to see how well this plant was doing....THEN!

Sadly, this is what it looks like NOW! Anyway, all is not lost as I got a lovely surprise this past week when I opened the front door and found a ....

...very healthy looking pumpkin on the table which had been left by a friend who obviously has more pumpkin growing success than I do. I did notice though that a couple of really healthy pumpkin plants were growing in the compost heap but someone, who won't be named, has since covered them with grass clippings after the jungle of a lawn was mowed 😟

The silliness regarding hoarding toilet paper started again recently and this photo was taken in a Coles store last week. I do wonder what some people are thinking though as toilet paper is manufactured in Australia and there is plenty of it to go around. It was even more silly seeing as if we weren't even in lockdown but Greater Brisbane was after a cleaner in a quarantine hotel became  infected and then passed the virus on to her husband. There was a lockdown for three days and I think that just before it began a lot of people in the lockdown area flocked to other areas to enjoy a long weekend as the highways were very busy 😉 Typical Aussies! Most of the COVID positive cases in Australia seem to be returned travellers in quarantine. 

We have had a couple of hot days but a cool change has arrived which I really like. Tomorrow it may rain once again but we will see. The lawn seems to grow a couple of inches every day but we always appreciate the rain and the benefits it brings. 

Have a wonderfully joyful week everyone.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Summer storms and a new year

 As I type this blog post tonight it is raining heavily as the severe storms that were forecast passed through our area late this afternoon and, according to Weatherzone, 33mm has fallen at the airport. I haven't been outside to check our gauge but will do that in the morning and I think it will be quite full judging by the sound on the tin roof. It has been very muggy here which is not all that usual for us but hopefully our farmers are getting some of this liquid gold. I have been learning how to loom knit and have finished my first scarf which will be donated to the homeless once the cold weather hits this year. 

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Happy Christmas for 2020

 Just a short post to wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Christmas. I am sure most of you are very busy at the moment with your family visiting so have a wonderful time. I am also sure that there are some of you who will be alone and lonely so big hugs to you and I hope and pray that things will be more cheerful for you next year. 

As we won't have any children here tomorrow we will have lunch with my sister. It will be the usual chicken, ham and salad which she likes as she can't eat anything too spicy and this will be followed by pavlova, fruit and cream.

Then I will be getting stuck into a good book for the rest of the day. It won't be too hot thankfully and it looks like the rain has gone for now. We had 44mm the other night which was the heaviest rainfall we have had for ages. 

I hope that those in the Northern Hemisphere keep safe and well during this scary time as COVID seems to be wreaking havoc in some countries. Here in Queensland it is 100 days since the last time there was community transmission of the virus but seeing as there has been an outbreak in Sydney our borders are now shut to visitors from that area and border passes are back in vogue. I am so glad I live in Queensland and not in one of the border towns as the traffic on the highways at the border must be horrendous in our heat. 

Have a wonderful Christmas time wherever you live. 

Saturday, 12 December 2020

A 2020 Puzzle

 Yesterday I was online and saw an advertisement for a 2020 Time Capsule jigsaw puzzle. I don't usually buy jigsaw puzzles but thought this one would be interesting down the track for my grandchildren especially the younger ones who may not remember what happened in 2020. 

2020 Time Capsule - used with permission from Funbox Activities

Saturday, 5 December 2020

Making suncatchers

 In an effort to use up some of the many beads I accumulated when beading was very popular back in the 1980s I thought I would make some mobiles. I had seen these hanging from the ceiling at Danish Flower Art each time I visited and it seems that these days they are called suncatchers.


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