Wednesday, 21 September 2022

What flutters by?

 'What flutters by?' is the theme this year at the beautiful Laurel Bank Park during our famous Carnival of Flowers.  I love this park as the displays are always quirky and unlike the classical beauty of Queens Park which is one of our other premier parks. 

My friends and I visited the park last week before most of the tour buses arrived and it was already busy. Unfortunately some of the plants weren't flowering then..... many of the Foxgloves and all of the Hollyhocks as we have had a cold winter this year but I imagine more flowers are putting on a show this week as we have had several warm days. 

There are always masses of tulips to look at complete with windmills along the way.

There is a viewing platform in the park from which you can get a better view of each of the gardens in the themed gardens and I also found that looking through the lens on my camera helped to make it clearer but, of course, the photo that is usually taken from a cherry picker is the best one of the lot but I think that is only published in the daily newspaper which we don't buy. 

If you live in the region and would like a pleasant day out then there is still plenty of time to see the gardens as the Carnival doesn't finish until the end of September. 

We held our very last Simple Living Toowoomba workshop this month. It was only fitting that our 'founder' Margy was the presenter and so we shared morning tea while we had a chat about what we had learned over the last 10 years since the group began and then some of the ladies made a gratitude book. Margy had been inspired by Ann Voskamp's book 'One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are' which she brought along to show us. 

There was a lot of fabric, etc. to choose from but I am terrible at keeping up with diaries and the like so I didn't make one as I knew I would start off being enthusiastic and then forget to add to the book regularly. 

Margy brought along a couple of books she had made which were already filled up. Some of the ladies still want to meet up to keep in touch so we will get together every six weeks or so at a friend's house. We have learned a lot over the last ten years and have covered so many topics that it was hard to think of something new for each month. So it was time to finish. 

I watched some of the pomp and ceremony of the Queen's funeral and don't the British do that so very well. The bagpipes always make me tear up as my grandfather was a piper in Scotland who used to wake up the Laird of an estate each morning apparently. Must have been the days before alarm clocks I guess. LOL!

Another wet spring and summer forecast has been announced and residents have been asked to prepare once again for flooding which must be devastating for those in flood zones as they have already been flooded at least twice. A couple of years ago we were having bushfires. Stay safe everyone!


Tuesday, 30 August 2022

The last few winter days

 Here in Australia Winter is coming to an end as Spring begins on the 1st September. It has been a cold winter not unlike those we shivered through back in the early 1970s when I first moved here and it was often miserably cold and wet. We have become used to the warmer winters since then but this year I made good use of my coat, jackets and scarves. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Crafty people

 I find myself surrounded by talented people who are so very generous. Recently I took along my attempts at Japanese Meshwork to our Simple Living Toowoomba group and one of our ladies who presents sewing workshops along with her sister offered to finish the items off as I am quite 'straight line challenged'. 

Monday, 4 July 2022

Technology changes

I rarely use the PC I am typing this on. I can't do a blog post on my iPad nor on my phone which has a small screen so have to resort to the PC. However I have just realised that when I take photos on my phone and send them to Gmail so that I can then resize them to be suitable for a blog post the options for resizing have changed. Years ago I was told to keep them under a certain limit for a blog post as Blogger was complaining about the size of photos at the time. 

Thursday, 9 June 2022

Winter is here!

 Normally we ease into winter here but this year it has arrived least that is what it seems to me. I can remember the weather being quite balmy at the beginning of winter a few years ago but that is certainly not the case now. At least the sun is shining again after weeks of overcast skies and rain and there is nothing like enjoying the sunshine on a cold, frosty and crisp morning. 


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