Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Lomandra Basket Weaving Workshop

Our Simple Living Toowoomba group was treated to a very interesting workshop on Saturday when Jo showed us some of her mosiac and leadlighting projects but more on that later. Firstly I want to let anyone know who lives in our area that we have Kate McIvor demonstrating traditional Indigenous lomandra basket weaving on Saturday 10th August. This should be an extremely popular workshop so I would book in early if you plan to come along.   Check out her Facebook page Lomandra Weaving to see some of her work.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Nearly finished....thank goodness!

Some of my readers may have read a post late last year when we were having kitchen and bathroom renovations done. We had arranged with the builder to come back this year to renovate the laundry and toilet which were way overdue for some TLC just like the kitchen and bathroom had been. We were hoping they would have time to do the work in the warmer months but unfortunately they had a couple of weeks spare in the middle of winter so there have been some early mornings for me as they arrive at 7am.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

100% Coconut Oil Soap with Annatto

As I knew the builders would be coming back again at the end of July to start working on the laundry and toilet, I thought I had better make a quick batch of soap before emptying out all the 'stuff' in the laundry and moving it to another room for a few weeks. The quickest soap I make is 100% coconut oil soap and as I had made a batch a few weeks ago I wanted to add a bit of colour to this batch so I wouldn't get the batches mixed up which happened last time.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Loom Knitting ~ Another craft to learn

Do you remember the old cotton reels with four nails in the top that we used to use many years ago to do French Knitting? Well, recently I saw a friend's post on Instagram where she showed the gorgeous beanies she has been knitting on a loom. I didn't even realise the looms could be used for that purpose.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Mosaic and Leadlighting Workshop ~ Simple Living Toowoomba

A few years ago one of the members on Rhonda's Down to Earth Forum did a tutorial on how to create a mosiac work of art on stepping stones. As I usually do, I got enthusiastic and took myself off to Bunnings to buy all the required tiles, glue etc. but that is as far as I got so I was super excited when one of our Simple Living Toowoomba ladies offered to do a mosiac and leadlighting workshop for us.


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