Saturday, 22 September 2018

Beautiful flowers despite the drought

Yesterday I visited the beautiful Laurel Bank Park with one of my local friends and a blogging friend and her friends who travelled from interstate for our Carnival of Flowers which has just begun. Despite the drought the council gardeners have once again been successful in presenting the most beautiful flowers to the appreciative visitors who have been enjoying lovely spring weather in which to walk through the many gardens in the park.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Do I really need this?

As the kitchen and bathroom renovations are now to start at the end of October instead of the beginning of this month and it is too early to start packing up everything in the kitchen, I thought I would sort out a few things in the rest of the house especially the rooms in which we might be having some airconditioning units installed mainly for those 40C days which seem to arrive each summer now. The thought of having tradies traipsing through the rooms is a bit daunting so it is time to get rid of a lot of the excess 'stuff' that I haven't used for years but the problem is....what to throw out!!!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Not long to go now...

Our annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers officially starts on the 21st but visitors are already arriving to walk through the beautiful Queens Park as the flowers are blooming and looking their splendid best. The gardeners are putting the final touches to the gardens so that everything is looking spic and span next week.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Cornflower soap

I made another batch of soap last week as, for some reason, we seem to be going through an awful lot of soap lately. I have been drying cornflower petals to use on top of soap so wanted to try that out and see what they looked like. I have heard the petals don't look so good when added to the soap mixture so perhaps they end up looking like mouse poo which I believe is also the result of using lavender in soap.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

A Pretty Petals Workshop

This morning our Simple Living Toowoomba group was treated to an absolutely delightful Pretty Petals workshop which was presented by author Linda Brennan who very kindly travelled from Brisbane with her hubby early in the day. Apparently it was raining around Gatton on the way so that is wonderful for our veggie farmers down there. We even had some rain last night and a couple of light showers this afternoon which has been very much appreciated.


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