Monday, 31 March 2014

A day with Nanna

My daughter has a very busy life and attends a lot of meetings so, while I was visiting, I offered to look after Miss Three while her mum was out. She attends Kindy a few days each week so I was fortunate that the week I was there she only had to go for two days.


It's been many years since my children were little so I tried to remember what activities they used to like. When we were shopping one day and needed to bribe give one of the girls some motivation for not wanting to buy everything they laid eyes on, we bought some Play-dough which was the cheapest and nearest bribe crafty item we could find. 

So we started the day off with rolling it out and making shapes.

Then it was time to don the aprons and give Nanna a fake smile before mixing up some pikelets. She was over having her photo taken by then.

I hadn't made pikelets for ages so was hoping the end product would be edible.

It was we scoffed them down quickly and then headed outside for a little water play as the day was already heating up.

We 'borrowed' mum's measuring cups, jelly moulds and mixing bowl but she will never know :-)

Mum arrived home so it was time to hide in one of the boxes they used when moving into their new home. Miss Three was very hard to find as you can tell.

Miss Five had arrived home from Prep so it was time for some relaxation....

...on Nanna's much sought after iPad which they wanted to use all the time.

Then it was time for Miss Five's first lot of homework. I didn't realise that Prep children had to do homework and I used to work at a school!

There was still plenty of time for a turn on the swings and the trampoline before having dinner as it doesn't get dark in the North West until after 7pm at this time of the year whereas it is already dark in the South East by 6pm. No wonder that they don't want Daylight Saving time up there.

All in all it was a pleasant day and a few more family memories were made. 


  1. There really is not much that can compare to time spent with family, especially grandchildren. Better even than chocolate. Chocolate? Oh, yeah.

  2. Yes J, it is nice to spend time with they don't live nearby. My granddaughters change so much in six months. They are very cute.

  3. Aaaahhhhh, how beautiful! I always loved my time over at Grandma's. They were the happiest times of my childhood. I wish I could just go and see her these days but she lives an awfully long plane ride away.
    Enjoy your time with your Grandkids!

  4. Actually I am home again now. I only get to see the girls twice a year as it is so expensive to fly to Mt.Isa unfortunately. I couldn't drive there or sit in a bus for almost 24 hours so flying is the only option for me. They are lovely girls.

    1. I had a comment from Tanya which I 'published' but it went into cyberspace somewhere so thanks for the welcome home greetings, Tanya. Glad you got some rain but didn't get flooded out again.

  5. Sounds like Nana had a lot of fun. I love the pic with the "fake" smile best;-)

  6. Yes, what you see is what you get with this little one. She lets you know how she is feeling and isn't too keen on having her photo taken at the moment.


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