Monday, 29 July 2013

Please sign this petition!

I just read on Rhonda's blog Down to Earth that she has started a petition to support SPC Ardmona which is petitioning the Australian Productivity Commission to place tariffs on imports such as tinned fruit and tomatoes.


You can read more information about SPC Ardmona's proposal in this article.

To sign Rhonda's petition please click here.

Let's do something to stop our farmers having to bulldoze their orange trees like we saw on the news recently or having to dig their crops into the ground.  Do we really need to import tinned tomatoes and fruit?

We have seen the demise of many of our dairy farms over recent times with the introduction of 'cheap' milk into the supermarkets.

Surely enough is enough! Let's do what we can to support our Australian farmers. Please sign the petition.



  1. Signing is free and perhaps it will a difference to the health and well-being of future generations.
    Good onya, Chel

  2. Done and done. We have seen the former 'Apple Isle' first hand where apple producers were paid to bowl over their trees to cut production. We are very concerned that by lack of consumer support, and also government actions, we will not only lose our primary producers and our farming land, but also our access to good quality produce that can be traced back to its origins; not something that can be said easily for imported products. Its people like us who create a groundswell that can bring about change.

  3. Thanks Sue.

    Barb, I hadn't realised that apple producers in Tassie had to cut production. That is ridiculous. You wonder where it will all end if things aren't turned around.


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