Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pom-Pom Tutus

When I first found out that I was going to be a Nanna I started searching the net to find out what I could make for the new bub and was pleasantly surprised to find numerous blogs written by young mums who somehow found the time to look after babies and toddlers and also churn out fabulous tutorials showing the latest item they had made for their children. Seeing as I could hardly keep my eyes open when my children were little, as I am sure I have said before, these mums had me spell-bound and I followed their blogs with great interest. One such blog was Natasha's Little Pink Monster and when she did her tutorial on how to make a tutu stuffed with pom-poms etc. I just had to make a couple for my little granddaughters.

Natasha's girls are much the same age as my granddaughters and, as I only see my little vegemites about twice a year, it has been interesting to see (via the world wide web) her girls at different stages of development and it has given me an idea of what may have been of interest to my grandchildren as they progressed from babyhood, through the toddler years to the stage they are now at nearly five and three and a half.

In 2010, when Natasha's blog was called SamsterMommy, she held a Tutu Drive on behalf of the Princess Alexa Foundation which makes dress-up clothes for seriously ill children.  Other bloggers joined in to help the cause.

There was Lynette from Get Your Craft On who did a tutorial on  Superhero Capes.....

.....Adrianna from Crafterhours did a tutorial on how to make a Cinderella Tutu...
.....and Jessica from Happy Together did a tutorial on how to make a dress up skirt. You can see the photos of how many dress-up clothes were eventually sent to her here.
I used Natasha's tutorial for the tutus I made for my granddaughters.  It is easy to follow and quick to make and you can fill the tutu with pom-poms or whatever takes your fancy.

Lots of little girls love to dress up and if you have a little girl in your life then I am sure she will love wearing this little tutu. Rather than having elastic inserted into a waistband, grosgrain ribbon is used for the waistband which means that the tutu can be worn for a number of years. It is just worn over the clothes and ties around the waist like an apron.
So if you would like to put a smile on a little girl's face, then head over to Natasha's Little Pink Monster and check out her tutorial. Let me know if you make one as I would love to see it.


  1. Those pom poms inside the skirt are a fabulous idea. At first I thought they were stitched to the outside which would be good too, but I can see the princesses loving to fiddle with getting the pom poms to go one way or another. You are very clever.

  2. So cute! All my littlies are teenagers now :-( Don't think a tutu would feature in their wardrobes these days.
    You've got to admire the talent and generosity of the many people on the net so willing to share their ideas. And I too am gobsmacked by these Mums. When our 3 were young my bedtime couldn't come quick enough.

  3. These are sooo cute!! I can't help hoping a little that our first grandchild might be a girl. We had three boys and they would never let me make them things like this!! :) Of course I am fond of boys as well; as ever we will take what we can get. I must say the whole process is easier with grandkids so far- no morning sickness for me at all! :)


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