Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Herb stocktake

We have a lot of herbs growing on our 1/2 acre and some of them are really in need of some TLC so I though I would take a photo of them all and also take note of what we actually have and do some research on what growing conditions will make them thrive. I tend to forget what we have growing sometimes so need to have a record so that I can make sure they are being looked after.


Firstly there are the more common herbs which are mainly used when cooking meals....Chives, Dill, Basil, Oregano and Parsley.

As I did these collages late at night I seem to have made the name of the herb on the rest of the photos too small...the joys of Picmonkey... but we also have Herb Robert, Gotu Kola, Wormwood, Comfrey and Soapwort. Herb Robert and Gotu Kola are really excellent medicinal herbs which I am using at the moment.

Lavender, Rosemary, an assortment of peppers thrown in for fun, Aloe Vera and a Blue Tongue Lizard also thrown in for fun. Can you spot it under the tomatoes? Unfortunately I have reduced the photos too much as I need to experiment more with sizing collages so you probably can't see the lizard. Oh well, another blogging learning curve to sort out!

   Then there is Brahmi which I am trying to force myself to use as it is very, very bitter but very good for you... Calendula, Rocket, Sage and Thyme.

We also have a few lemony herbs...Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena which has been badly neglected and Lemongrass. Pennyroyal and Watercress finished this stocktake off.

I have Isabell Shipard's How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?   It is a great reference book if you want to learn more about herbs and their medicinal uses.
I hope I have named all the herbs correctly.There seem to be a lot I have to do some more research on. Just as well I have retired! :-)


  1. herbs are wonderful things aren't they! i just love my herb garden!

  2. They sure are. I have discovered a couple more herbs growing in the garden that I missed. I really need to tidy my herb garden up and mulch it as it is so dry here in SE Qld.

  3. You have a great herb garden. It's such a waste of money to buy herbs from the shops isn't it. I really wish I had basil this summer so I can make pesto.

  4. You have such a nice selection of herbs!

    1. Yes Damaria, it does look like a lot when I put photos of them together. We also have ones like thistle but I didn't count them as my husband is getting rid of them.

  5. What a great selection Nanna Chel. I have trouble when I transplant out of pots my herbs don't seem to like the ground so I too need to research what I am doing wrong. I find the brahmi bitter too but I can't taste it in a smoothie :)

    1. One of my pots of Gotu Kola is looking a tad yellow so I need to read up about growing conditions. I do have them in the shade and I think that is okay. We did repot them into larger pots a few weeks after we bought them but haven't put them in the ground yet. I am waiting to see if we get a 'wet season' like last year around Australia Day. I think of your smoothies every time I look at the Brahmi! :-)


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