Friday, 7 February 2014

Sew a Quick and Easy Girl's Skirt

When my first granddaughter was born I regained my interest in sewing and bought myself a new sewing machine. I had sewn most of my daughter's clothes when she was little as children's clothes were quite expensive at the time unlike today and, as my sewing skills were quite rusty after twenty or so years, I searched the internet for quick and easy clothes to make. One of the easiest skirt patterns I found was from Oliver + S and it is still popular all these years later. 

Their cute little skirt is called Lazy Days Skirt and they provide a free pattern with very clear instructions which even a novice sewer can understand. You can download it and print it out.
This skirt is so very easy to make and I have just made one for the little granddaughter of my friend who died a year or so ago as it is her birthday next week and she will turn two.
All you have to do  is use the full width of the fabric from selvedge to selvedge. Then add 5cm (2 inches) to the length of the skirt that you require and cut the fabric.  
With right sides together join the selvedge edges, pin and sew.
Iron the seam and then turn over the waistband according to the pattern's instructions and sew, leaving a space to insert the elastic.
Now, here is the interesting bit....on the wrong side ribbon is sewn on about 1/2 inch (not sure what that is in cm as my head still works in inches seeing as I am a retiree :-) ) above the skirt's edge.

The fabric is trimmed below the stitching, then the ribbon is folded to the right side of the skirt, ironed and sewn along the remaining edge to finish the hem. This was the most challenging part for me as I am straight lined challenged. I put the sewing machine onto 'slow' and took it really easy and it didn't turn out too badly. However, let me stress that it really is easy to do this and don't let me put you off. I am sure YOU are not straight line challenged!

I joined the edges of the ribbon on the front side of the skirt and then covered the join with a bow but you could join it at the back seam if you wanted to. I inserted the elastic in the waist after I had finished the hem.
So there you have it ....a quick and easy little skirt which I am sure the little girl in your life would really love.


  1. Such a pretty little skirt!! The ribbon just 'sets' it off:)

  2. Gosh, I know a couple of friends who would like that style, too. Interesting that I think I could make this from your directions alone.

  3. Oh how cute - I should probably not sew this up before the baby is at least born - skirts are so impractical in utero! This will however go in my file of things to make later on a little! Thank you for all the good ideas you've been sharing lately!

  4. You are so very clever Nanna Chel :) Very cute!

  5. Love this! Adding to list of things to make my great-nieces, Addy and Alaina :-)


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