Sunday, 2 March 2014

End of summer flowers

I am continuing to record what is growing in the garden at the end of summer so that I remember next year. During the drought preceding the floods of 2011, we didn't plant flowering plants that required a lot of water and began to grow quite a few succulents instead. However we still have quite a few varieties of dahlias, a very old hydrangea bush, bromeliads and a few other plants with pretty flowers.

I'll let the flowers speak for themselves!





 Queen of the Night cactus flower which blooms during the night. 

There is still one lonely day lily still flowering....

...and last but not least, the Amaryllis Belladonnas which I never did get around to planting but they flowered anyway. They just wouldn't wait any longer. :-)


  1. Oh I love dahlias I wish I had your color range they are stunning.

  2. The amaryllis popping up heralds Easter is just around the corner!

    1. I didn't realise that Joolz. I'll remember that. Most of the flowers wilted when we had a 37degree day a couple of weeks ago but the ones I didn't get round to planting and are sitting in a pile are still flowering nicely.

  3. Sharon, my husband has been doing some 'experimenting' with the dahlias so we have them growing everywhere at the moment. Some are really pretty and unusual.

  4. Lovely flowers ... they remind me of the Flower Show of my primary school years [in February] when the whole school had room after room of glorious blooms.

  5. Such pretty flowers. No sign of flowers and even the ground is covered with blanket snow.

    Coffee is on


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