Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Some more loveliness!

As some readers really like Dahlias I thought I would show you what is growing at the moment. They are really showing their appreciation of the recent rain as is the rest of the garden.

The yellow/orange dahlias aren't as stunning as the pink or red ones but this one is quite pretty.
 I love this is rather stunning... is this one.

Getting into the red tones now. My camera doesn't show anything red in its true colour for some reason. 

This one is spectacular. I hope to improve my photography skills in the future :-)

The last two are quite small dahlias compared with the others. This one is white with red tips ...

...and this one is what I call a button dahlia but of course I wouldn't have a clue what it is actually called. I will have to ask the CEO if anyone is interested. It is quite a little one though.

Last but not least, here is a hibiscus that my husband brought home yesterday which is growing at a friend's place. It is quite unusual isn't it and from what he said, I think it normally grows in the US. 

I hope your eyes aren't glazing over now if you are bored to tears. :-) Let me know if you are interested in dahlias as I am sure there will be plenty more showing their pretty heads around here.



  1. they are beautiful. must make your garden really colourful

    1. They do make a nice show out the front, Damaria.

  2. I thought you would like them, Sharon.

  3. They are so pretty. A few of these I could interpret into paper and or fabric so easily. Thanks for sharing the inspiration Nanna Chel.

  4. They are so pretty, thoughtful of you to share.

  5. Oh my! I now have 'flower envy'! Thank you for sharing - they are just spectacular.

  6. Gorgeous Dahlia's! Can never get sick of flowers!


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