Monday, 11 August 2014


Recently I was asked by Lynda from Living in the Land of Oz if I would like to join in a Blog Hop Around the World. Well at first I thought she was joking and replied that there was no way I could do that but, after some reassurance from Lynda that I could, I caved in I graciously said I would love to.

Firstly...if you haven't read Lynda's blog before then you must check it out as she is a very creative lady.

She recycled a packing crate to make a wood store in this post...

...and you can also read here about how she converted a pallet into a strawberry garden. We have a few pallets out in the back yard and I have a feeling this is going on my 'To Do' list very soon.
Now, back to the Blog Hop which apparently is to centre around creativity. Yikes! Those who participate have been given five questions to answer (which shouldn't take me too long) :-) So without further ado here they are:
Why do I create what I do?

Well, I guess it depends on the particular type of project I am working on. Most of the items I sew are for my little granddaughters and they can range from ....

....dresses to .... for them to play.

How does my creative process work?   
There is nothing mysterious in how my creative process works as I just see something on a blog that I like and try to make it. I get lots of ideas from bloggers like the very clever Dana from MADE and Ashley's Make It and Love It. Then there is the world's greatest timewaster  Pinterest!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Goodness me, who thought up these questions? I am sure that my work doesn't different at all from others of its genre. 

What am I presently working on?

Well, I am not working on any sewing projects at present and am concentrating on drought proofing our garden in light of the lack of rain this year and a less than inspiring weather forecast for the coming months so sewing has been put on the back burner while l get 'creative' in learning ways to save water.

As readers may have read here  and here Ollas are being made to help reduce the amount of water we use.... well as this large wooden base for another wicking bed modelled on ....


....our watersaver garden. We also have a smaller version of the watersaver garden which comes in handy as well. 

Who inspires me to create? Link 2 blogs that inspire you.

One of benefits of blogging is that you get to meet other bloggers from around the world and a while back I 'met' Kathy from Gates to Yesteryear who lives in the US and when I made some sauerkraut last week I remembered that Kathy had done a post a while back about making some using her grandmother's recipe and you can check it out here

Like myself she is trying to improve her crochet skills and made some cute butterflies which I am going to make soon. My 'To Do' List is getting longer and longer.

One area where I rarely show any creativity is in the kitchen as cooking is not my forte and I always admire anyone who loves cooking. I am very grateful that I actually have food to cook and feed my family and so pleased that I am not having to create a meal based on just a cup of rice like many others have to do in poorer countries.

However, just writing about rice makes me think of  the Baked Rice made by Joolz from the blog Simply Joolz. I just drool when I see the meals she makes. I had a laugh when one reader said in her comments that she was sure that she got fat just reading Joolz's blog :-)

Don't you just love the look of  her Sweet Potato and Garlic Rolls which are from Tasty Kitchen So head over to her blog and to Kathy's and say hello as I am sure they would love to 'meet' you too. 

Now I am to finish this marathon post (which I started this morning and has to be finished today) with a quote and at almost 11.30pm I am hard pressed just remaining lucid never mind thinking of a quote. LOL! I just read this quote and thought it was applicable:

Creative minds are rarely tidy!!!

So that is the end of my first Blog Hop. If I am ever asked to join in on one again I might start a bit earlier than the day it is due. However, I was to do mine on the 11th August and seeing as it is now 11.45pm I just made it in time. Now the baton has been passed to Joolz and Kathy so do check out their blogs next Monday and read their Blog Hop posts. 



  1. Hi Chel

    What a great post - and you thought it would be hard! I have blogger on board and waiting for the other to reply. My post will be very similar to yours so I'd better get thinking!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Joolz, I hope you don't leave it till the last minute like me. Then I HAD to leave my post writing to watch Foyle's War which finished late so it is a wonder I actually finished it on Monday at all :-)

  3. Well Done and very well composed. I love the dress and im waiting to see the final result of that big wooden box. Your links look interesting so im heading over to take a look. Big Hug (You Did It) !

  4. Hey, i dont know why but i didnt get this in my reading list. I only found it when i looked in your archive. Might want to publish again. It could be a problem my end. (?)

    1. Hmmm, not sure what the problem is Blogger. I know that lots of bloggers weren't getting updates of blogs that they were following a few weeks ago. The big wooden box is waiting for the CEO to find some black plastic that is large enough to fit without having to buy a whole roll for $99!!! The watersaver garden is a tad smaller so we were able to use a different size of plastic. Somewhere we have to find a remnant as I am not going to buy a whole roll!

    2. Think, what comes wrapped in plastic that later gets discarded. Beds. Can you visit your local bed shop or call them and ask if they have one to throw out. Split it down the sides and there you have one rather large piece of plastic.

  5. Lynda, would it be thick enough though as the black plastic is builder's plastic and has to keep the water from leaking out? Good thinking Charlie Brown!

  6. I don't have much to share in the lines of creativity right now. It is summer here in the states and we are working more outside that I am getting time to be creative. However, today it is so unbelievably hot I am working on my simple living plan,,, decluttering the house and getting things SIMPLE. :) Thanks for sharing and I hope to join in in the future.

  7. Interesting insights. Great to see the printer button.


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