Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Trying to blog on an iPad using the Blogger App.

I am trying to learn how to use the Blogger App on my iPad to write blog posts as, when I visit my daughter next week, I might have to use my iPad instead of her laptop as hers is on the blink. I am not doing too well with it so far as I lose the keyboard, can't move the mouse to where I want to type as it keeps going back to the start and so on. So I am just experimenting at the moment and will add a few random holiday photos as well as one of the Christmas Lolly Tree I made last year in case anyone wants to make one for Christmas and hadn't seen it before.

One thing I have learned with the Blogger App is that I can't add a jump break so if anyone knows how to do that and if it is possible on the App please let me know. I am currently on the PC editing the post I wrote on my iPad so am now able to add a jump break.

 Normie Rowe's (an Australian singer) handprints in the main street of Caloundra. You do have to watch that you don't trip on them if you are over 60 :-)

I wonder why I have to have all these techy learning curves in my life. LOL! I guess it keeps the brain cells active now that I have retired. 

 The pier next door to the one at the back of our beach unit. 

Has anyone had success with the Blogger App? I know that Joolz uses Blogsy but when I read about it it looked a bit too complicated for me. 

A plant out the front of the unit.

At the moment I am trying to upload random photos to see how I can place them as I don't seem to have the options I have on my Blogger dashboard.

 An Aussie native growing well at the beach.

    This is where I want to be now...walking along the Caloundra esplanade watching the sunset!

Now I am going to publish this and then check it out on the PC later and maybe fix it up. I won't have that option next week though :-( (Update - lots of photos had to be centred on the PC. Obviously no option for that on the App).

Has anyone used any blogging apps that they can recommend that aren't complicated? Remember I am not 21 anymore so they have to be easy peasy to use!




  1. You are very game - I am not a fan of iPads. The post however looks just fine.
    I do love that jetty in sepia tone - imagine it blown up as a large feature wall paper.

  2. Phil, the iPad was a retirement gift a year ago and I am still learning how to use it properly :-) I did end up editing the post on the PC. Yes the jetty does look nice in sepia. I must also see what it looks like in black and white.

  3. As Yoda would say "patience you must have" when dealing with ipads.

  4. I am not real good with these touch screens. They have a life of their own and write words I haven't typed even though I have disabled the auto thingy in the settings to stop it doing that.

  5. Blogsy hasn't been kind to me recently - its been crashing (eg. You open it up and it just shuts down). I did the latest update for my iPad yesterday then it started working again. Go figure!
    A lot of times, if something is not working, turn the thing off completely, walk away, turn on in 5 minutes and it will be a goer again!
    I've never heard of a jump break - what do you use that for?

    Keep experimenting!

  6. Joolz, where my blog says 'read me' and then you have to click on that to read the post...that is the jump break. Having that means you can have five or posts show up when someone clicks on the blog instead of it being just one post. On Blogsy I believe it is the the button to the left of 'text format' and is called 'more'. I tried it out last night and published the post and it looked fine. Then I deleted the post but the deleted post is still showing up in blogrolls. Go figure!

  7. I have an ipad which I love but you are (as usual) wayyy ahead of me on this. But necessity can teach us all kinds of things! Have a wonderful time away and I hope to hear of a safe and happy new arrival soon! Take lots of photos!
    Have a lovely week. It is getting so buy in the lead up to Christmas but I am loving it. It FEELS like Christmas. xxx


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