Thursday, 20 August 2015

Are you a keen gardener?

Do you have a green thumb or would like to know more about gardening, then come along to our major annual celebration, The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and you will be in your element.

If you happen to be in the Toowoomba region from Friday 18th September to Sunday 27th there will be so many events on that you will find it hard to choose which ones to attend. You can mull over all the events here and sort out which ones appeal to you if you intend on visiting at that time.  well as Charlie Albone who won the Chelsea Flower Show Award who undoubtedly knows a thing or two about gardening.

There will be diesel train rides to the beautiful Spring Bluff Station  which I have heard has an exquisite garden and the list goes on. Check out the full programme before the carnival starts so that you can fit in everything you want to do.

I usually visit Queens Park and Laurel Bank Park the week before the festivities begin as it is a lot quieter then and the gardens are just getting the last finishing touches. The viewing platforms are usually already set up then - at least they were in Laurel Bank Park last year.

You can see some photos of the 2014 display in Laurel Bank Park here

I also attended the Teapot Extravaganza which is being held from the 19th-26th September and is really worth taking a look at. 

A couple of friends and I also took in a couple of gardens of the winners of the Chronicle Garden Competition and if you don't want to drive to see each of the gardens there are bus tours which will take you there. Here are some photos from last year:

These were 'novice' gardens.

I think this was the Reserve Champion Garden. Very beautiful and it was a pleasure to walk through this garden. 

So if you are considering visiting our region this year or in the future, keep in mind the Carnival of Flowers in September and I am sure that if you love gardening you won't be disappointed. By the way, our garden won't be entering in the competition. LOL! We don't want to make anyone feel jealous. ;-)


  1. How beautiful. I would be there except for distance. The joy of gardens is beautiful. If I need an outing sometimes I go to one of the local nurseries... they have water features and everything is beautiful... I can browse and it never fails to be uplifting.
    My own garden is my haven from the world. And I can feel spring is in the air and there are blossoms on trees etc. i am ready for spring!
    I plan to do quite a bit of planting. Gardening is a very healthy thing! Have a great time and I hope you post lots of photos after. Love

    1. You would love the gardens, Annabel especially the State Rose Garden.

  2. Chel, I am planning to follow your lead and visit a week ahead. I hate crowds and lining up so your idea has real appeal to me. Perhaps we could meet up!

    1. Yes we could, Barb. You can't view the garden competition gardens until the carnival starts but the parks are normally made ready for visitors the week before.

  3. Goodness me - from all your posts it seems that Toowoomba is where it is all happening - there always seems to be quality events for 'our type' of people.

    1. Yes Phil, enough happens here to keep me happy although some people would prefer to live in the big cities with all they offer but this is 'country' enough for me.

  4. Looks like a beautiful event. Wish I could be there!


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