Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another UFO finished and a home for sale

No, our home isn't for sale just in case anyone thought that was the case but more about that later :-)

Firstly, I have finished the scarf I started when I was visiting my family in the Outback. The yarn was from Lifeline for $1 a ball and I couldn't resist it. It is a discontinued line..Patons Rhumba... and the pattern that came with it was to cast on 9 stitches on 15mm needles and then do garter stitch until the required length was reached so I kept going until I thought it was long enough, then stitched the ends together and it can be worn wrapped around the neck twice which should be warm for winter when it arrives although as I type this it is 25C and I am sitting here in a Tshirt as you can see from the selfie I just took. Goodness me, one gets a scrawny neck when you get older. LOL! Never mind, some of my friends haven't even had the chance to reach my age so I should be grateful. 

 As I mentioned it is quite warm during the days at the moment and it is hard to believe that winter starts next week but the trees are telling us it is Autumn and some of them look quite beautiful at the moment.

While I was away Sally the chook got into bad habits without me around. For the first few days after I got back I couldn't find any eggs in her cage so one morning after I let her out I followed her as she ran down the back and then I tippy toed to see where she had gone when she disappeared under the lemongrass bush and there she was....sitting on five eggs! After she had laid her morning egg I picked up the lot and took them inside. So now I know where to collect the eggs from every day.

Talking about would you like a chicken pen like this? It is about 16 metres long and 4 metres wide which is split into three sections and is fully enclosed from all the pests like snakes, rodents, birds etc. There is also a large composting area on the right hand side to make great soil for the veggie patch.

Well the chicken pen goes with this home which belongs to a friend of mine in Beerwah! It is on 10 acres in a quiet area away from the highway and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms as well as a separate self-contained two bedroom granny flat. If you would like to view more photos you can check them out here on Real .
My friend is a very crafty lady and extremely talented and I think some of the accessories in the home may be her handiwork. For those who don't know, Beerwah is about a 20 minute drive to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

 You may have seen my photos of our visit to Caloundra last year.

The sunsets there are stunning. 

Beerwah is also home to Australia Zoo and I am sure my granddaughters would like to live near there. Mind you, the locals probably never go there. :-)  

So, if you know of someone who would love to buy such a beautiful property, let them know about it. My friend and her hubby are downsizing but I am sure they will miss living in this fantastic home. I know I would. 


  1. Your scarf is lovely! And your friend has a beautiful home. :)


  2. Wow love the house, but cant afford it, which is a pity as we all love Caloundra here. Your scarf is so pretty. I have an older chicken that decided she wanted to have her very own nest, I found 4 eggs, sadly it had rained and all the eggs were ruined (this was last year, she doesn't lay now, too old). I don't think we are going to get a winter this year, what a shame as I love the cold. Take care, Guida.

  3. I love how your scarf came out! And if I had any extra $, your friends' property seems wonderful! :)

  4. Chel your scarf turned out great. Last winter I knitted a long scarf and joined the ends and I can wear it the way you are wearing yours in the photo but I often pulled it up into a cowl when I was going out in the early mornings. Your friends house and property are not only lovely but immaculate. I really liked the the crochet throw at the end of one of the beds.

  5. Chel, the scarf looks great and goes so well with your cardie. I've bought a couple of balls of Vera Moda Fitzroy half price at Spottie and will attempt a neck warmer via Tunisian stitch. Might need these neck items now its cooler hey?


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