Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Festival for Yarn Lovers:Part 2

This is a continuation of my last post about the Jumpers and Jazz Festival in Warwick which we visited on Monday. I took too many photos to put into one post so I hope you don't get bored with them. 

This is the statue of Thomas Joseph Byrnes who was the Premier of Queensland for a few months in 1898 until he contracted measles and then pneumonia and died at the age of just 38. He represented Warwick in the Legislative Assembly which I guess is why his statue sits in the main street in the middle of the traffic. I grew up in that town and wasn't even aware of his story until I just did a little bit of research. I always thought he was an old man. How sad that he died so young. Anyway, his statue sports a beanie and scarf during the festival and when I look at it the next time I am visiting I will think of him in a different light.

After we left the Warwick Art Gallery which I mentioned in my last post we passed by this yarnbombed tree and then walked through the laneway to the Town Hall.

This old sandstone building is heritage listed and was built from 1887 to 1917.

 I have many memories of this hall as I performed in lots of ballet and school concerts in there. Looking at it now I think it may have been very cold inside although I can't remember if it was.

This is the Downtown Lounge outside the Town Hall where you could sit on couches and listen to the music.

We then walked up Palmerin Street which used to be called ' The Main Drag' by the young men as they used to drive up and down for some reason unknown to myself :-) Most of the trees were yarnbombed and had different themes.

This lady was having a refreshing drink on a sunny day.....

...and this one was having a break from her knitting. 

There was a picnic going on another another tree....

...and there was an attraction for all those with Scottish heritage who were visiting.

Several husbands had been ringing up the handicraft shops in town by the looks of it ;-)

...and when we got back to the Town Hall there was a seat waiting for us with a guitar to relax with.

If you happen to be in the Warwick area do make time to visit Killarney which is 35km (22 miles) from Warwick. The Queen Mary Falls are really worth seeing especially after rain.  There is a Caravan Park and Cabins on site and the scenery is just spectacular. I think a couple of workshops during the festival were held in Killarney. 

Also less than an hour's drive from Warwick is Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt which is famous for its wineries plus the occasional snowfall. My Northern Hemisphere readers must chuckle when they read about how excited Aussies get when it snows. LOL!

We live in a very scenic area where there is a lot to see and do so if you do have plans to visit in the future make sure you have plenty of time to have a good look around. 




  1. What an awesome festival!! Have to admit, at 103 (39.5C) degrees today, yarn is not looking comfortable! Love to go to these kinds of things, there are so many clever ideas out there! Thanks for the tour!

    1. Yes Kathy, much too hot to be knitting. We rarely have such hit temps where we live although they are common elsewhere. I can't cope with that kind of heat at all.

  2. looks like fun,
    am with you on the yarn-bombing thing, not sure what to think of it, rather the work went into jumpers & blankets etc, isn't there some really good knitting on some of those? loved the scottish one with all the cables
    glad you enjoyed it
    thanx for sharing

    1. Yes the Scottish one was special for us too as our mum was born in Scotland.

  3. I did enjoy your visit to the Jumpers & Jazz Chel, isn't it colourful. There was even some yarn bombing in Allora this week. The lady who made the caravans at the 'picnic' comes into our Blue Care shop looking for yarn in the run up to the J&J festival.

    1. Barb, we drove up the main street on the way home to see if Allora had any yarnbombing but couldn't see any.

  4. Nanna Chel, the Jumper & Jazz festival looks like a good trip to take. Maybe next year when I might be a little better at my driving. Love the Scottish themed ones, definitely my heritage on dad's side. -Shiralee.

    1. Shiralee you would love it. Of course you will be better at driving by then. The road is good.

  5. Oh Nana Chel, these pics brightened up my day. I do love a good yarn bombing. Not seen around these parts, apart from some pop poms hanging in a tree, but have seen some beauties when traveling in Victoria and NSW. I especially love the way they made the entire tree and post into colorful ladies with faces. :)

    1. Glad you liked the photos, Sally. We seem to have a lot of festivals in our region.


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