Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cider and Mead Workshop ~ Simple Living Toowoomba

Our next Simple Living Toowoomba workshop will be held this Saturday 23rd July and we will be learning all about fermentation. Unfortunately the workshop is already booked out as I can imagine it will be very popular and will be held at Food for Life.

  Our last fermentation workshop was hugely popular and so much fun. It was a hands-on workshop and very messy but so enjoyable.

Here are  Mandy from The Old Dairy and Margy our Simple Living Toowoomba co-ordinator making a big mess :-) By the way, if you haven't read Mandy's latest blog posts, she is reopening her shop and this time I really must get down the hill to see it. 'The Hill' is the local term for the Toowoomba Range which is on the crest of the Great Dividing Range. 

 Even though our Fermentation Workshop is sold out anyone who is interested can still book in for the Cider and Mead Workshop which will be held on the 20th August. The details Margy has sent out are as follows:

Cider and Mead Workshop
Date: 20 August 2016
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost: $5
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Road  
WhatMead (honey wine) is the most ancient wine known to man. If you would like to learn another way to use your honey, we will explore some of the basics of how to hand craft Mead and some of the Mead types (Cysers, Melomels, Methoglins etc). We will also learn about some basics of making Cider (with apples) and Perry (with pears) at home too.

We will be having our handmade and homegrown swap before the workshop.  If you would like to be involved bring up to five items.  All items need to be on the table by 9.45am.

Bookings Required: RSVP 17 August

I was thinking of not going to this workshop as the CEO was into making wine some time back and there are still full vats of that around the place which will never be opened again but I am interested in seeing the cider is made and also have some plants to take to our swap which we haven't had for a couple of months as our last workshop was postponed so that we could go to the City Library to hear Rhonda's simple living talk as it was the last one on her book tour. 

 Then on the 10th  September Annette will be presenting a Growing and Using Herbs for Cooking  and Medicinal Purposes workshop which I am looking forward to.

 Our lovely Racheal will present the October workshop on using Essential Oils on the 15th but I will miss this one ..... I will be visiting these little vegemites who won't be so little by the time I see them again. 

On 19th November we are fortunate to have Chris from Gully Grove do a workshop on how to make sourdough which is going to be extremely interesting. Check out the posts on sourdough on her blog if you are keen to learn how to make sourdough. 
So that will take us to the end of our Simple Living Toowoomba meetings until 2017.  Anyone who lives in the region or is visiting is most welcome to come along and join us.
After the wild weekend weather when it was cold and windy we are now having 23C days and I am currently writing this with only one layer of clothing on instead of four!!! These are certainly Tshirt days so I am making the most of them and have been out in the gardening pruning and enjoying the winter sunshine. 
I hope all is well where you live.  


  1. The cider and mead workshop sounds like it will be a merry event Chel.

    1. Sherri, it should be very merry :-) I may not partake though as I have to drive home.

  2. Enjoy your 28 degrees today. Goodness you on the turps (oops cider), now that would be worth watching. So sorry its sold out.

    1. The fermentation workshop was the sold out one, Lynda. Still plenty of room for you to fly up for the cider and mead one if you are still in one piece :-)

  3. I will be really interested to hear about the cider making. And you have a trip coming up! That will be great to look forward to.
    I love the continual expansion of skills. Mum used to make ginger beer but ginger is not a flavour I like. But cider is another story!
    Have a good weekend Nanna Chel. with love

    1. Yes, not all that long before I see my grandchildren once again, Annabel. Time goes so quickly.

  4. Cider and mead sounds positively medieval!! I am picturing drinking out of a horn! What a fun thing to learn!

    1. Yes it does sound medieval, Kathy. I am not sure where Margy got the idea about doing a cider and mead workshop but she must have met someone who makes it. It will be interesting.

  5. Cider, mead and sourdough. Surely we're set now, for a Medieval fair? ;)

    1. Perhaps we can have some cider and mead to go with your sourdough in November, Chris. Ha ha!


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