Saturday, 17 September 2016

Queens Park Botanic Gardens

As I mentioned in my last post we visited another of  major attractions in our CBD on Thursday ....Queens Park.... although the correct name now is Queens Park Botanic Gardens. It was a dreary day with rain threatening much of the time we were there but fortunately it didn't arrive until the evening which was great for the many visitors to the gardens who were viewing them before the big rush started today.


There are a lot more gardens than I have shown but here are a few of the many photos we took. 


 I loved the pink tulips growing in the middle of this garden. 

Cabbages featured in both the Queens Park gardens and the ones in Laurel Bank Park and looked very effective.

On the right hand side of this photo behind the memorial you can see the viewing platform covered in green....

...and this is what you see from there. The Alfred Thomas Memorial is always the focal point as it sits in the middle of a number of specially designed gardens which feature different flowers and colours each year.

 The many children there with their parents were having a wonderful time as were the adults.



There was just a riot of colour everywhere we looked and it was hard to pick out our favourite garden. 


We finished our visit to the park by taking a snap of the always perfectly groomed Parterre Gardens...very formal indeed.  Just like my garden at home :-)

This park is just across the road from the Cobb and Co Museum and there is plenty on there during the Carnival and the school holidays. The Farmers Markets are held there underneath the windmills which are a very Aussie feature in the grounds. There was a market there today but I didn't venture down to that part of the city due to the thousands of visitors expected but there is another market next Saturday when it should be quieter. 

After a few years of fine weather for the Carnival this year there will be a few days of rain so if anyone is planning on making the trip up the Range to view the gardens, it might pay to check out the weather forecast first. Still, you could always bring along an umbrella :-)


  1. Oh those pink tulips! Seeing that photo made me catch my breath. Just beautiful. I also really like the yellow/peach/white combination in the garden where the children are playing. Queens park is a paradise.

  2. Oh Chel...just stunning! How could you possibly choose a favourite. We haven't visited in years, but I do have on my wall, some photographs of my daughter as a toddler in your beautiful gardens, framed by the very same tulip display. What a sweet memory for me. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Oh my goodness Chel. How I'd love to spend a few hours there. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


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