Sunday, 2 October 2016

Essential Oil Workshop, Homeschool Market and Pineapple Vinegar

As I am heading up north on Wednesday I thought I would let any local readers know about our Essential Oil Workshop being presented by Racheal at our Simple Living Toowoomba group on 22nd October.

 Here are the details:

Essential Oil Workshop
Date: 22 October 2016
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost $5
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Road
What: Racheal will be talking about different grades of oils and how they can be used for therapy, cleaning and beauty products.  Racheal will be giving each person who attends a 1ml sample bottle, with an info sheet on how to use it, with some of the most versatile oils, like lemon, clove, tea tree etc.  That way you can try it out for yourself at home in some recipes.

We will be having our handmade and homegrown swap before the workshop.  If you would like to be involved bring up to five items.  All items need to be on the table by 9.45am.

Bookings Required: RSVP 19 October by filling out the Booking Form on the Simple Living Toowoomba website. 
By the way, if you haven't heard about it before, our co-ordinator, Margy, was interviewed recently on Slow Your Home and the title of the Podcast is  Create More Consume Less.

On the Saturday before the workshop, on the 15th October, Racheal is involved in the Homeschool Market which will be held from 8am to 1pm at the Range Christian Fellowship on Blake Street, Wilsonton. In the first photo are some of the products she will be selling which include beeswax candles, tea wallets, Essential Oil, perfume and homemade soap.

 Shiralee from A Peaceful Homemaker is also busy at present preparing for the market....

... and already has finished off quite a few of her always lovely items. Unfortunately I will be travelling home on the day the market is on so will miss it this year. I am sure it will be a huge success for all the homeschooling families though.

Now onto the pineapple vinegar. Well I didn't actually make any today but I will the next time I buy a pineapple. I bought this one at the Farmers Market last week and wasn't sure it was ripe so didn't cut it until today as I can't stand the taste of unripe pineapple. After I had cut it into slices I remembered that I had read a post on Rhonda's blog where she wrote about making pineapple vinegar. So I did a search there and found it Wild Fermenting - Making Vinegar. Unfortunately I had already cut the pineapple as I should have cleaned the skin first and then cut it into quarters to remove the core before doing anything else. Also the ideal temperature for fermenting is 15C - 25C degrees (60F - 80F) and it has been quite cool here in the mornings so perhaps when I get home from Mt.Isa the temperature will be more suitable. There are also some other tips on how to make vinegar in that link so check them out if you want to make your own.

Mind you, even though we have had some chilly mornings the cold doesn't seem to be inhibiting the growth of my water kefir granules which have been getting out of hand. So I have had some drying for a few days as an experiment to see if I can dry and then rehydrate them. I will find out if I can successfully do that when I get home so that I can take some to our workshop on the 22nd. I am sure someone will be happy to take them. Cultures for Health has lots of recipes including 10 Ways to Flavour Water Kefir. There is also information on Dom's How to Make Kefir and Recipes.

All that will have to be put on hold though while I spend some time with my grandchildren although the girls will be at school much of the time. It is much too expensive to fly to Mt.Isa in the school holidays even though I always book my flights months ahead. Still my little grandson won't be going to school for a few years so I am sure we will spend lot of time together playing with the puppy who has recently become part of the family.

I send all my love and prayers to those who live in South Australia and the flooded areas of New South Wales. I am not sure if areas of Victoria are flooded as well. It hasn't been a good week weather wise and I do hope you haven't sustained any damage and are keeping safe.

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