Thursday, 23 November 2017

Getting fit at home

Are you fit? I certainly am not anymore. I used to walk around the block quite frequently but at the beginning of this year it was much too hot, then I had the skin cancer problems on my face, then I got the flu, then it was magpie mating season and so on. My US readers may not realise that here in Australia the magpies have a tendency to swoop on anyone who approaches the tree their nest is in and they can be quite frightening. A friend and I were going to an exercise class for oldies seniors last year but then she got a bung knee so we stopped going and now it is time to get motivated once again which is easier said than done.

A while back someone told me about the Leslie Sansone DVDs so I bought one which is called 'Walk your belly flat'. I actually did have a flat 'belly' at the time so didn't buy the DVD for that reason but because this particular DVD starts you off with 1/2 mile walk (it is from the US hence the use of 'miles' ) and you can go up to 3 miles. It takes 15 minutes to walk a mile with Leslie and you don't have to leave your house so no sunburn, no magpies swooping at you and no hills to climb which may or may not be a problem for some people depending on how fit they are.

Actually I just did a search for that DVD so I could link to it and it is now on YouTube if you want to see what it is like ... Walk Your Belly Flat. No need to buy the DVD at all by the looks of it.

Another family member even started using the DVD each day as part of a workout and actually walked the whole 3 miles and said it does get more challenging further on in the program. As he also uses weights in his workout I had a look on eBay to see what else Leslie Sansone had produced and found 'The tone every zone walk' which includes the use of weights. 

 So I ordered it and it arrived today from Sydney. I didn't have a lot of time to check it out as I had to go and mow the lawn before the warmer weather arrives tomorrow and it does look like 'a challenge' but is doable down the track and I just have to get back into the habit of walking each day to built up to it.

On this DVD there are FIVE super fit people to watch instead of one on the other DVD but even though it seems to go at a much faster pace it does look like fun. So I look forward to getting fit once again which is important as we age. 

I know lots of walkers go along very picturesque routes like Jacquie from Bunny Mummy (who by the way has some fantastic crochet tutorials on her blog) but here in town the views aren't all that wonderful and it isn't like walking along the boardwalk at Caloundra which I enjoy immensely so walking at home and not having to worry about sunburn etc. is the perfect solution for me. I just thought I would let others know about the Leslie Sansone DVDs as they might suit others too. If you live in Australia and are thinking of buying one just be careful that it is suitable to play in our region which is Region 4. In the US and and Canada it is Region 1. 

Now....I just have to get motivated :-) How about you?


  1. This reminded me again that I still didn't start doing yoga. It was my new year resolution and now it's already November! I just need to start, but can't find motivation.
    Good for you for doing exercises at home, Chel. Keep it up.

  2. Now that I don’t run I walk every single day for one and a half hours. In two weeks I require a two night hospital stay and then 4-6 weeks recovery of no walking (except around the house) or lifting etc. It is going to drive me crazy. I’ll slowly build back up once I get the all clear again. I’ve always exercised as it makes me feel good physically and mentally.
    All the best Chel and I’ll be interested in how you go.

  3. I am very fortunate that my work offers a heavily discounted gym membership. Having said that we do walk along the breakwater most evenings too. Mrs HM's doctor has advised that weight training is far more beneficial to overall well being and weight loss than cardio - very we bought some weights with a voucher I received for my 50th birthday.

    1. That advice about weight training is correct, especially for older people who lose muscle density. My husband is a total gym junky, but I prefer cardio more. I do lift weights to keep my muscles usable, but as a percentage of workouts, I mostly do cardio. The best advice I heard about maintaining physical fitness, is to do what you love. As you're more likely to stick with it, over the long term. Introduce other forms of exercise, to mix it up, but don't be afraid to fall-back on your preferred form of exercise. Well done for trying new things though. :)

  4. Walking is great exercise, Chel, no matter how you do it. It's my thing for keeping fit and for de-stressing! I like to walk outside, just in my old shorts and a T-shirt (no special clothing required) and I now have a pair of runners with orthotics in them as I have had a few foot problems this year. My favourite place to walk is on a beach or path that's by the sea. On my trip to Sydney last weekend, my friends and I did the Watson's Bay walk right out to entrance to the harbour. It was great! Meg:)

  5. I love Leslie's videos. I have used them for years. I have gotten fit and lost inches/weight. You will love them. The key is to have variety.

  6. I use to enjoy walking in town, when we lived there. Lake Annand, is particularly beautiful for walking past the man-made water features, and seeing the bird life. If you're looking for outside motivation, there are some lovely places to drive your car to in Toowoomba, and walk around. Parts of Queens Park, is more shaded, so great for middle of the day walks. That's only if you're going to be out and about in the car though.

    It's great to hear you're looking for ways to get back into shape. I've felt the urge lately too. Must be the delightful (and uncharacteristic) spring weather, we've been having lately. Nature is telling us to get active again. I think the older you get, the harder it is to feel motivated too. So whatever you enjoy doing, do that. For me, it's cycling on my inside exercise bike (moves your arms as well) and listening to music on my headphones.

  7. I have the same "hazards "as you Chel....magpies, sun and heat, so I walk the dog twice a day..... early just as the sun's coming up while it'still cool, then again late afternoon, and cover around 8-10 kms most days. There's a bit of socialising as well as we meet other walkers. We walk along the riverbank, through town, or across town onto the walking paths there. There's plenty of hills to climb too and I go up and down stairs all day, which keeps me fit. Good luck with your new keep fit plan, let us know how you go.

  8. I hope you enjoy your exercise Chel. I find it gives me a real "lift" that last the day. I miss it if I don't get my morning exercise in. Cheers Lyndie


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