Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yo-Yo necklace

As it is much too hot to be outdoors in 38 degree heat, the girls and I have spent a lot of time indoors. I gave Miss Four a sewing lesson and introduced her to running stitch. She was able to make herself a little bag which she was very pleased with. Then she sewed around a circle with running stitch and completed a yo-yo which I believe is also called a Suffolk Puff. This was the first yo-yo of five which I ended up joining together to make a necklace. At her age making one yo-yo was enough in one session so I completed the other four.


Over the years I have bought a number of sewing books online for my daughter and the girls and it is always interesting to read them when I visit. One such book was ' Sewing for Children' by Emma Hardy. While flicking through it I was captivated by the Yo-Yo necklace and it wasn't long before we were cutting out circles of fabric and doing running stitch around them.
This was the first one we made from red and blue fabric. After sewing this one I went through my girl's fabric box and found some lovely pink and blue fabric and made a second one for Miss Three who is Mr.Tiger in the photo and Miss Four is Mr.Elephant. We had just made the masks when I took the photo.  
If you want to buy a book for little girls then I recommend this book.

It is full of great ideas for children from age three upwards.
How do you like the necklaces? Aren't they just lovely for little (and big) girls!






  1. Too cute, and what a wonderful way to enthuse children into the world of sewing:)

  2. These look adorable! It's great you're showing your grandkids how to sew, I picked up sewing skills late in life but I have a good teacher as my mum is a self taught dressmaker. If there's something I don't get I run to mum. And you're right about the heat here, much too hot.

  3. Yes those yo yo necklaces sure do look cute!


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