Saturday, 31 August 2013

The kindness of strangers.

There are times in life when we are blessed by unexpected acts of kindness which  come from people who are absolute strangers. This happened to me a few days ago after I left a comment on Rhonda's Down to Earth Blog. Her blog mentioned her little grandson who she and her husband look after regularly and I commented that it made me miss my granddaughters and that QANTAS had increased the fares to the Outback where they live making it quite an expensive trip to fly there so I only see them twice a year. One of Rhonda's blog readers contacted me and offered me the required Frequent Flyer Points for the trip so that I could visit them.
As you can imagine, I nearly fell off my chair with surprise! After I recovered,  I emailed back and eventually was able to book return flights in the school holidays. 
How kind some people are!

Each time I see the children they have grown a lot and their interests will have changed from my last visit too I imagine.
Then again, perhaps they will still like to blow some bubbles...... a little cooking

...then a little sewing.

We might play dress-ups..
...and finish the day off by reading a few books like they have done since they were very little as in the photo which was taken a couple of years ago.  I have tried to instil a love of reading in them since they were born and regularly sent them books in the mail. Now it seems they enjoy their visits to the local library!
So...a big thank you to Katie who generously gave me her FF Points! Such a kind act is much appreciated by this Nanna.
Have you been blessed by an unexpected act of kindness lately?



  1. Doesn't that just gladden your heart! I'm sure you're visit will be memorable.

  2. Barb, I am sure it will be. Unfortunately it is already 35 degrees up there so hopefully it won't get any hotter before the end of September!

  3. Oh what a lovely surprise Chel! Katie you are an angel!

  4. Oh that is so lovely and such a lovely post too Chel. Brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy your precious time with them!

  5. That is so kind and generous. Whoever you are, Katie, that was a lovely thing to do.

  6. The world does have many wonderful people in it:) Enjoy your visit!

  7. This post bought tears to my eyes. Katie, you are a very special person in blessing Nanna Chel in this way. As a child I had a great relationship with my Grandparents who lived a long days drive away (about 1000km) all because my parents saw the importance of getting to know our extended family. This came at a great cost to our parents but was a special time. Relationships with Grandparents are very special!! as my children are continuing to learn. CraftGirl from DTE

  8. Oh how wonderful for you and I hope that Katie has been blessed by her generosity as well, do have a wonderful time!

  9. Thank You to the person that gave the gift of the tickets to my dear friend across the pond from me, so that she can visit her precious grandchildren. So very kind of you.
    PS Nanna Chel....I love your blog!

  10. Thank you, L! So lovely to see you here and I am glad you like my blog.

  11. Oh what a lovely gift. That is the problem these days - we all live so far away from each other, but thank heavens for skype and the internet.

  12. Hi africanaussie. I did see the girls on Skype the other day but the connection isn't too good and it is a bit blurry but it is clear enough for me to see how much they have grown. I will be seeing them in 14 sleeps but who is counting? :-)

    Yes, we teach our children to become independent and then they up and leave home and move far away. So much for our modern way of life.


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