Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Joy of Spring!

Isn't spring a wonderful season of the year? Seeing the beautiful blooms in gardens and parks puts a spring in your step. Pardon the pun! :-) We have a lot of plants that happily make an appearance at this time of the year and continue to look amazing despite being neglected apart from the odd watering. During the drought we decided that any plants that needed a lot of water would have to go so it is pleasing to see so many still flowering which obviously have benefited from the periods of rain we have had during the year.  

 These cliveas are a deep orange and always put on quite a show.
These are the more common and lighter coloured cliveas.
This flower has appeared for the first time this year. It must have heard my husband saying that any bulbs that haven't flowered will be pulled out.  
Many of the bromeliads are producing unusual flowers.
We have lots of California poppies ....
and Flanders poppies.
Azaleas which we took from Mum's house after she died.  

                                                               She loved these plants.

Chrysanthemums ... or what is left of them after I took a lot of flower heads to make infused oil for my next batch of soap.
Freesias growing around the succulents
Mulberries getting ready for mulberry pie!
Hubby's compost heap...this is a BIG heap!

I had to include this guy as, the day after I did the post on More pests....but these are cute! ,he appeared again as if to say 'I'm back! Got any more macadamia nuts?' 
Does spring put a 'spring in your step' too? :-)




  1. I have clivea envy! How wonderful your garden is looking.

    1. Yes Barb, it is looking great...in parts! The 'crop' tool comes in handy sometimes as I can cut out hubby's 'stuff' in the background:-)

  2. It is so much fun to read posts from those of you 'down under', I am so tired of warm weather and ready for fall and winter - reminds me that the world turns and in a few short months I will be fighting spring fever again and struggling not to put out the tomatoes before the last frost is past!! You have lovely flowers! Enjoy!

  3. Kathy, it sounds like you have had a hot summer and are ready for some cool months. I am sure we will be complaining about the heat soon. Apparently this has been our hottest year ever according to some reports and summer hasn't started yet. We were spared the worst of the heat last summer thankfully.

  4. Oh, beautiful flowers! I especially love the azaleas as we have them here too in North Carolina, USA. LOL, got a kick out of the little "bird" guy too! I am not ready for fall....I am a summer girl.

  5. The garden is beautiful at the moment but we haven't had rain for a couple of months now and it is heating up so the flowers won't last too long which is a shame. The California poppies seem to stay around for quite some time though so perhaps they are used to the heat.

    You certainly are a summer girl, Linnette! It's a shame your summer doesn't last longer over there in the US. For us here in Australia it will be warm now until May or so.

  6. I can't believe that you can grow freesia! Those blooms make it look like you live in a tropical paradise...

  7. Sherri, the freesias are looking a little forlorn today as the weather is heating up although the ones growing under the cliveas aren't too bad. I just love them as they have such a lovely scent and are always a sign that spring is on its way.


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