Saturday, 7 September 2013

Calendula soap.

Well, I think this time I might have calendula soap. I infused some olive oil with calendula flowers and sat it out in the sun for six weeks.  I added the petals to the soap and the end result is .....interesting!

I thought I may have to break up the petals before adding the infused oil to the other oils but, one of the clever Down to Earth forum members who has been giving me a few hints on how to make the soap, suggested that I just add it to the oils when heating them and proceed as normal when making cold pressed soap.
So I heated the oils then added the caustic soda and water mix very carefully....
then brought it to trace with a stick blender. This only took a couple of minutes.

I watched a YouTube video recently in which a honeycomb look was achieved by using bubble wrap so I thought I'd give it a try and placed some on the bottom of my large silicone mould.

 There was enough soap to fill three moulds and the 'bits' sitting on top of the moulds on the left will be used later on for liquid soap. I just put some of the dried pieces of soap in  a container and add hot water and shake it. Then there is no wastage.
 The moulds are then wrapped up overnight so that the soap cools slowly.


The next morning the towels come off and the soap easily comes out of the silicone moulds. So there it is....calendula soap with a honeycomb pattern which would be a great pattern for soaps containing honey!
Is soap making on your 'to do' list?



  1. It sure is on my to do list, especially now that I have seen Aldi have digital scales on sale at $14.99 this coming week. How clever an idea for the honeycomb effect? I've just planted some calendula seeds so I hope I can make some of this soap and the calendula balm too one day.

  2. Yes Barb, I want to make calendula salve but need to source some beeswax first. I used to buy it years ago when I was making crafts to sell and beeswax candles were all the rage.

    I think I got my scales at Big W and they weren't too expensive.

  3. Well done! I am so glad you shared the secret to the honeycomb affect as I will try that on the next batch of soap I make, hopefully this week. I think I have enough left to last me about six weeks, so I'd better get a move on.

    Your soap looks beautiful.

  4. Thanks Ree. Have a look at Sandra's blog as she made some great looking Ginger and Honey soap and must have used the bubblewrap too

    I think a few people will be experimenting with bubble wrap in the near future :-)

  5. HI
    Your soap looks wonderful x

  6. Thanks Sharon. Now I just have to wait six weeks before using it :-)

  7. One of these days I will take the plunge, you make it look easy though. Cute use of bubble wrap

  8. Just do it, Kathy! I am sure you will be addicted before long.

  9. It sure is on my list, but I keep putting it off! Love the honey comb look :)

  10. Well done, will give the bubble wrap idea a go next time.


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