Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Button necklace workshop coming up!

Margy, the co-ordinator of our Simple Living Toowoomba group has organised the October/November programme and I was thrilled to see that there is a button necklace workshop coming up in November.

I dragged out Mum's old battered button tin to have a look through the buttons I have collected over the years and am really looking forward to this workshop. Now I don't really need to go to a workshop to learn how to make one of these necklaces as I have seen a few tutorials on the internet but there is nothing like getting together with like-minded people to make something and seeing how each individual's personality influences the finished product. It is good motivation too which is what I need to finally get around to making a button necklace which I have procrastinated about for a couple of years.

There is also a workshop on how to make cards, including Christmas cards, on Saturday, 26th October.

We have had some great workshops this year.

The Natural Pest Control workshop was very popular and we learned so much. We also had demonstrations at our morning teas/swaps including ones on ......
 ...making Finnish Sima and Pulla and ...
....lemon butter.

Everyone brings along up to five items to swap and there is such a great variety to choose from including tissue covers, fruit, vegetables......

...pot holders, fabric, soap, herbs and other plants.
If anyone who lives in the Toowoomba region would like to attend any of the demonstrations in October and November they are most welcome. Here is the programme for the next two months:
 October and November Program

Craft, Coffee and a Chat
Date: Wednesday 6 November
Time: 7.00-9.00pm New starting time
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Rd
Cost: Nil No Bookings Required
Bring along any craft project that you are working on and a plate of supper to share.
Simple Living Morning Tea
Date: Saturday 9 November Time: 9.30-11.00am
Cost: Gold Coin Donation
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Rd No bookings required.
Cooking From Scratch Workshop
Date: Monday 21 October Time: 5-7pm
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Rd
Cost: $10 + $15 cost of ingredients Bookings Required – Limited spaces available
This month learn how to make a pizza base and a sweet dough that can be used to make cinnamon rolls. All ingredients and equipment will be supplied. Plus you get to take home what you cook! These workshops are for those wanting to learn how to cook or to get new ideas.
Card Making (in particular Christmas cards)
Date: Saturday 26 October Time: 9.30-11.30pm
Cost: $10
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Rd Bookings Required.
Everything supplied. Just come along!
Button Jewellery
Date: Saturday 23 November Time: 9.30-11.30pm
Cost: $10
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Rd Bookings Required.
Make a necklace and bracelet out of buttons. Great Christmas present idea.
To make a booking or join the mailing list go to  Simple Living Toowoomba.
You may have noticed that I have a new Bloglovin' button which was designed by young Courtney and which caught my eye when I was on Pinterest. If you would like to have a look at her other colours then head over to her blog Teaching with Class  and check them out.





  1. Hi Nanna Chel. Sounds like a great group you've got down there. Would love to be closer and go. Just drooling over the Finnish pulla - yum. I like your blog too.

  2. Maddie, we ate it fresh from the oven and it was very yummy but also moorish unfortunately. :-) It is a great group but the numbers have been falling off a bit for the morning teas lately so I hope everyone comes back soon as we have some very interesting discussions during these times. I guess people are very busy these days.

  3. Are you going to do the button necklace - that sounds like so much fun! You sound like you have a wonderful group.

    1. Kathy, yes I am going to do the workshop although I could probably make one without a workshop but it is a good opportunity to get together and have a chat and I love seeing what everyone makes as some people are so creative.

      The group is really good and hopefully numbers will start building up again. I missed the last swap as I was at our school reunion at the weekend.

  4. You are so lucky to have such a wonderfully organised group Nanna Chel. It's nice to have some pleasant times to look forward to on your calendar.


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