Friday, 15 November 2013

My Christmas decoration swap has arrived!

On the Down to Earth forum we are having a Christmas decoration swap at the moment. My swap partner lives in Western Australia and I was very excited to find a parcel sitting on the verandah table yesterday. I was amazed that it had only taken five days to get to Queensland. Mine was sent on the same day and is still in transit so hopefully it arrives safely. When I opened the parcel I found two beautifully crafted Christmas decorations.


 My swap partner had knitted a lovely Christmas tree decoration and had sewn little beads along all the seams. As my knitting talents are fairly limited to plain and purl which I occasionally use to make crooked dishcloths, I was very impressed with my gift.

It will look 'just right' on my Christmas tree.

Also included in the package was a homemade Christmas card which would have involved a lot of work and taken some time to sew.
Red buttons were sewn onto cardstock to form the tree and then it was embellished with green beading for decoration and for the stem. Underneath the tree in the glitter there are kangaroos jumping about enjoying their Australian Christmas! What a lot of work and I must say it is most appreciated. Anyone who has done this sort of craftwork knows how long it takes to do all that sewing.  

As I said, my swap is still at the mercy of Australia Post and all will be revealed when my swap partner lets me know that it has arrived in Western Australia.
Update: My swap partner has now received her parcel from me so I can post a photo now. It sounds like she likes hers too.

These swaps are a lot of fun although I must admit I did stress myself out with the potholder one although these days I try to make the swap item first before signing up for the swap. That way I know I can actually make something which looks presentable and socially acceptable. :-)
Have you made any Christmas decorations for your home or for friends?
Christmas Divider Photo Picture



  1. Hi Chel, are the kangaroos printed or teeny embellishments? I got a lovely package from Qld myself today,
    Have a great weekend

  2. Sue, I saw your great parcel from Vikki. How lovely! The kangaroos are embellishments that are glued on to the card. The rest is sewn. It is very nice and I am very fortunate.

  3. Both of them a great. It would be fun to do a xmas swap.

  4. Zena, have you joined the Down to Earth forum? We have a number of swaps a year and they are all great and lots of fun.

  5. Beautiful gifts. Obviously Vicki put a lot of work into them. Lucky girl, Chel.


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