Sunday, 10 November 2013

Simple Living Toowoomba group's last morning tea and swap for the year

Today we had our last Simple Living Toowoomba group's morning tea and swap for the year and, as usual, it was great to meet up with like-minded people and chat. We usually have a cooking or craft demonstration but today we made something very unusual which was similar to origami but with no folding as such involved and the final result was quite stunning. We weren't quite sure what it was and were wondering if we could make it in Christmas colours and turn it into a Christmas decoration.

There were no staples or glue involved and it was just a matter of slotting the pieces together.

It was a bit tricky to slot it all together and our co-ordinator's hubby, who was doing the demonstration, had to give some of us a hand but the end result was very effective. He was very patient. :-)

 After the demonstration and a cuppa we had our swap and, as usual, it was interesting to see what everyone had brought along. We had a taste of this Coconut Butter which was made by putting a packet of shredded coconut into a food processor and processing it until it became runny and at that stage was put into ice block cubes. You can see how it is made here. I'm not sure I had heard of Coconut Butter before.

I brought along some Herb Robert as well as ...
...some soap and Red Spinach seeds.

These beautiful covers with finely crocheted edges attracted a lot of attention and were made ... an assortment of colours.

We could choose from a variety of seeds including Madagascar Beans, Cress, Linseed, Alfalfa, Loofahs and Radish.  

I brought home a couple of packets of this gluten-free shortbread which was quite yummy.
Due to lack of numbers these morning teas may not continue next year as people seem to be too busy to come but a monthly workshop will still be held in 2014. I am hoping that the swap can be incorporated into these workshops as they are really enjoyable.
Our last workshop for this year will be a 'Button Jewellery' workshop which will be held on Saturday 23rd November. You can read more about that and a 'Cooking from Scratch' workshop on the Simple Living Toowoomba website if you are in the region and would like to attend. I am looking forward to getting around to making a button necklace as I have been intending to make one for ages.
After the swap I had a lovely time meeting up with some old friends, some of whom I have known for over 40 years so I have had a really nice day. How has your weekend been?
Don't forget that the book giveaway draw is open until the end of the month so, if you would like to go in the draw, just say so in the comment box on this post and, using the latest technology, I will draw the two winners' names out of a hat on the 1st December and will send the books off in time for Christmas as soon as I get names and addresses.  Unfortunately this is only open to Australian readers.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely group. Thanks for letting me know about the herb farm. I had a lovely time and bought a few interesting herbs. Brahmi and Herb Robert and a few others :) Having fun learning what they are all about.


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