Friday, 3 January 2014

'Quiet Book Patterns' book

I noticed today on one of my favourite blogs, Make It & Love It that Ashley has a review and a giveaway of three 'Quiet Book Patterns' books by the very clever girl from 'Serving Pink Lemonade', Amy Pincock. When I was making the Quiet Book for my granddaughters a while back, I got a lot of ideas from Amy's website and I was thrilled to read that she has now written a book of instructions and has included templates as well.


As I said, Ashley has a review of Amy's book on her website and she is also giving away three books to readers in the US and Canada.  The book comes with instructions, templates and a CD.


However, if Aussies would like to buy the book it is available from Fishpond at the moment for $18.53 as there is 23% off at present.

It is also available from Amazon and I notice on there it is also available for Kindle.  
Do have a look at Amy's website, Serving Pink Lemonade as there are heaps of projects there which are a lot of fun to make for littlies.
I particularly love the little houses she made a while back. She has projects for boys as well as girls so, if you have a grandson, I am sure you will find something there that you would love to make.


Now I know that there are some grandmas/nannas out there who are expecting a new baby in their family or who have little ones already so, being the start of a new year, it is a good time to get out the felt, fabric and scissors and start sewing a Quiet Book for that little one. They do take a little time but are much appreciated.  Head over to Ashley's Make It & Love It and you can see one of the pages she has already made which her little girl is learning a lot from.
Let me know if you make one and feel free to ask any questions about the one I made. Have fun!



  1. Now they are so cute! Wish I had a youngen to make one for, but my girls are not obliging with making anymore grand babies lol!

  2. Ha ha Tania. You'll have to have a word to them. It is only 9.30am and we are sweltering here in SE Qld so it is going to be a scorcher. Unlike you we aren't used to this weather. I don't know how you cope with it.

  3. I am jazzed about this, what a great idea! You have just been posting so many good ideas lately, my craft 'to do' list is multiplying! I am settling in with my crocheting tonight sitting by the fire as we expect it to be below freezing again! I do not envy heat - ever!

  4. I had you in mind when I wrote the post. Get sewing now, Kathy!


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