Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Do YOU procrastinate?

I have been thinking about procrastinating lately. Well not actually thinking about doing it as I do it a lot anyway but about how to get motivated so that I don't procrastinate. My plan of action this year after retiring from the paid workforce was to deep clean the house before starting volunteer work next year. We are already half way through March and the deep cleaning hasn't started yet :-(

Well, I do have a few excuses for not starting on the plan as I seemed to spend a few weeks of the new year taking rellies to doctors' visits which made me lose my cleaning momentum somewhat as it was hard to get into a routine. Then we had a couple of heatwaves when I just went into survival mode as we live in a house without air conditioning and it was all I could do to cover the basics. Now it is the middle of March and I need motivation BIG TIME!


Just in time, Rose on the Down to Earth Simple Living Forums  has started a 28 day Simply Organised Challenge to give me that motivation to stop putting off what needs to be done....yesterday! Today is Day 7 and it is Stop Driving Ourselves Crazy Day when we face up to one particular thing that we are doing that is driving us up the wall and do something about it e.g. filling up the petrol tank in the car before it drops to nearly empty.  


If you would like to join in with the challenge and aren't a member of the forum it is easy to join up and then take part in the challenge. Of course, if you are more organised than I am it won't take you long to catch up on the first six challenges. The more the merrier and I am sure you will enjoy being more motivated.

Do YOU procrastinate or am I the only one with this affliction? Come on, ' fess up!


  1. I think procrastination is my middle name and unmotivated is my other middle name! For some reason the last month has been a real drag - for similar reasons to your's - the heat and medical appts, oh and freaking out about moving. I have started doing a list of things to do - not necessarily on one day, but over the course of a week. If I get everything done in one day fantastic, but the next day I'm shot and have to take a day off. So I'd rather do 1 or 2 or 3 things a day and 'nibble' away at it. The oven however is still not clean.....

  2. I was wondering if you had moved yet, Barb. Has your place sold as yet? Perhaps when it cools down a bit you might get a bit more motivated. It has been hot the last few days and very muggy as well.

  3. I wish there was a red or blue pill that would cure me off procrastinating. I've read about what causes it, strategies to cope etc, but some days, the strategies don't work.

    Eventually I do end up doing the task, and I find out that it's not as big/scary/demanding/difficult/long/complicated as I thought and I wish I'd just done it, because I could have done without the stress when I was procrastinating.

  4. It is wonderful to read that other people suffer from the dreaded P word. The more I chastise myself the more I agree and thus find a reason to 'do it later'. I'm an 'agreeable' person- you see. LOL


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