Thursday, 22 May 2014

Queensland State Rose Garden

Now this is a post for all you rose lovers. I know you are out there! We have the Queensland State Rose Garden in our city and I drive past it all the time but have never stopped to have a look around until this week. Anyone who loves roses would be in rose heaven if they had the chance to visit the garden so I took some photos to show you a few of the many varieties that are blooming there at the moment.

The Queensland State Rose Garden is in Newtown Park Toowoomba. Apparently when the park was designed it was laid out in a pattern which was intended to mirror the design of the Union Jack with avenues of trees crossing the park from corner to corner which linked with trees which were planted around the perimeter.

The entrance to the garden is through a pavilion where you can read about the history of the roses there and how to choose roses, etc.

There are over 1500 rose bushes some of which are quite spectacular. 

I did try to keep track of the names of the roses for those who are interested and I will give the official names which were written on the signs. This beautiful orange/pink rose is:

 Apricot Nectar 1965 Floribunda.

Iceburg Standard 1958 Floribunda

Victoria Gold 1999 Floribunda Rose

Golden Girl 1959 Fragrant Tea Rose

Fragrant Charm '84 1984 Hybrid Tea

China Doll 1946 Polyantha Rose

 The last two are Tuscan Sun 2004 Floribunda...

...which are definitely my favourites.

So, if you like roses and have the time if you happen to be visiting Toowoomba, just look for the sign for the Queensland State Rose Garden in Newtown Park on Holberton Street and stop and smell the roses. I am sure you won't be disappointed.


  1. Ah yes, I am a rose lover. I think I will have a quiet cry when I have to leave my roses behind here in Boonah. However the upside is that there is plenty of room at the farm. I see on the map that the Rose Garden is only a skip from the Good Shepherd hall, so I may pay a visit on Saturday after the workshop, weather permitting. I'm wanting to have a bit of a look around anyway. Thanks for sharing this info; see you Saturday hopefully.

  2. Yes Barb, it isn't far. Just a few blocks from Clifford Gardens. The weather is going to be beautiful on Saturday apparently so it should be perfect for a visit to the gardens.

  3. the Iceberg the best! x

  4. There are so many gorgeous roses it was hard to pick a favourite, Tanya.

  5. NC, never ever knew this existed, a trip there is going to happen.

  6. Deb, I have driven past it so many times and never had a look until last week. How slack is that? :-)


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