Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Life in the City

Once a year I meet up with my classmates from school and travel to Southbank in Brisbane for our annual reunion.  For any overseas readers who have never visited Australia, Brisbane is the capital city of our state of Queensland. Beginning in the early 1950s, many of us stayed at the same school for all of our schooling so went through a lot of experiences together during our childhood and adolescence.

While we weren't educated in Brisbane it is more central to where most of my classmates now live since retiring from the paid workforce. As we live in a regional area it is always a bit of a culture shock when spending time in the city. 

I don't drive in Brisbane as I have too much respect for my nervous system so I give the stress of negotiating the highway and city traffic to the Greyhound bus driver. The bus pulls into the Transit Centre and then it is only a 15 minute casual walk to Southbank which was the site of World Expo '88. On arrival at Southbank we were greeted by these ladies on stilts blowing giant bubbles and wondered what we had stumbled on and they turned out to be part of the Brisbane Festival so there were all kinds of events being held in the same area where we had arranged to meet for lunch.

We had an interesting walk through this structure...

...as well as through the one kilometre long Southbank Grand Arbour which is composed of 443 steel tendrils...


... and covered by a canopy of Bougainvilleas.


There are numerous Sunday markets where great restraint has to be had...

...and sightseeing to be done on the Wheel of Brisbane.


These strange pink creatures were popping up everywhere...

...in the strangest of places. 

I eventually met up with my classmates for lunch and we talked and talked for a couple of hours and reminisced about our childhood then it was time to cross the bridge to the CBD again for the walk back to the Transit Centre. The City Cats were busy cruising across the river and, if you are ever in Brisbane and aren't familiar with the city, it is worth jumping on a City Cat for an enjoyable ride down the Brisbane River.

There are many historic buildings in the CBD which are quite fascinating.

On the walk back to catch the bus we had to stop and say hello to some of the locals on the footpath. They didn't answer back though :-)

All in all it was a lovely day out in the Big Smoke. The weather was absolutely beautiful and my classmates are always good company. While the city is nice to visit once in a while I am always happy to get back home to our regional city. After all....it is HOME! 


  1. What a great day and lucky you arrived during the festival. I love street performers but have no idea what that pink thing is - ask a kid, its probably a game character. I do love Brisbane, it feels more like a big country town than the big smoke for me. I dont mind traffic but sometimes its actually more convenient to take the train (or bus) into town. Less hassles finding parking. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. Lynda, I agree that Brisbane has more of a country feel than some of the other capital cities. It is definitely easier to catch a bus or train than try to park near the CBD.

  3. Sounds like you had a good time Nanna Chel. I really used to love Brisbane and we've been through there so many times for doctors for dad at the PA. I'm glad I don't live there any more and have to drive through it! But it is nice to visit.

    1. Shiralee, the traffic is very heavy these days and too much for me to negotiate. I guess if you lived there and knew the roads it would be a piece of cake to drive in the city.

  4. So many years since I ventured into Brisbane, lucky you to visit when the Festival is on, so many places having spring festivals now. I bet you slept well that night.

    1. Deb, I did sleep well after all the walking to and from Southbank from the Transit Centre. It is nice to visit now and again but I prefer to live in the country...so to speak!


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