Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Spring Beauty

Spring is a wonderful time of the year but particularly so in our city of Toowoomba as it prepares for the annual Carnival of Flowers. Toowoomba is situated on the crest of the Great Dividing Range, has rich volcanic soil and a climate which is perfect for growing a wide range of plants. Commonly known as The Garden City, it is well known for its amazing parks and gardens and I visited several of them this week beginning with Queens Park which is within walking distance of the CBD.

There are several entrances to the park including one which leads visitors into the ....

  Parterre Garden which was established in 1995.

 The park was formerly known as The Botanical Gardens and covers 26.3 hectares. 

It is a perfect venue for weddings, family picnics and many local events which are held in the park including Easterfest, Carnival of Flowers and the Circus (not that I have to the Circus since my children were little) :-)

The photos taken with my point and shoot camera don't do justice to the gardens which are just absolutely breathtaking. The carnival doesn't start till Friday, the 19th September but there are already busloads of visitors viewing the gardens before the crowds arrive at the weekend so the Council gardeners are busy preparing the gardens to be looking their best for the week before and for a few weeks after the carnival period. 

If you do happen to live withing a few hours of Toowoomba it would be well worth your while planning a trip to the region if you are a keen gardener as it is just looking spectacular at the moment.

The viewing platform wasn't in place when we visited Queens Park but it should be up by now and it give one a great view of the gardens which are planted around the Alfred Thomas Memorial.

There is a great variety of plants as well as colour... 

...and there is a lot of inspiration there for gardeners to take home with them. 

 The plantings this year are a little different to last year's which I wrote about here. 

Do have a look at the Carnival of Flowers website if you are thinking of visiting at the weekend and check out the timetable.  I just noticed that Josh Byrne from Gardening Australia will be at the Food and Wine Festival which begins on Friday and there are a lot of other interesting presenters lined up as well which should make it a great weekend.


  1. Parks and gardens are places of such beauty and relaxation. You have a wonderful one in Toowoomba. I think it would be great just sitting on a park bench taking in the beauty and perhaps reading or stitching. Bliss!

    1. We have lots of parks and gardens here, Shirley. We really are spoiled for choice as many of them are quite beautiful.

  2. Such a gorgeous display of colour Nanna Chel :)

    1. There certainly is, Tania. We didn't have a lot of rain during winter so the gardeners have done very well to produce such stunning displays.

  3. I like this kind of flower show better than the commercial one we have in Melb which is all about sell sell sell. Too many shops for my liking. I could spend several days traipsing around 26 hectares of garden.

    1. Lynda, I am sure you would love the gardens here. Queens Park is quite huge and we spent a lot of time there having picnics when my children were little.


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