Friday, 5 September 2014

Quick and Easy Fabric Folded Christmas Decorations

Over on the Down to Earth Simple Living Forums we are currently preparing for our annual Christmas swap and I have been having a look-see online to try and find some quick and easy Christmas related tutorials and came across a YouTube video by Crouton Crackerjacks for Fabric Folded Ornaments which are based on a tutorial from Katrina's Tutorials.

Both tutorials are easy to follow so I thought I would make a couple as they looked fairly simple to make. 

Firstly try and find that Christmas material hiding at the bottom of your fabric stash!

Find a small plate approximately 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter and cut a circle out of each piece of fabric.

Sew right sides together leaving an opening. Then turn inside out.

Stitch opening closed and topstitch around the circle.

Fold circles in half.

Stitch together at the top.

Then with the same thread bring in the two sides and stitch  together.... 

...and secure. If this is a bit confusing just check out the video. I was a bit uncertain about what to do at first and had to watch it again.

Now you will have four points at the corners so turn them inside out. You can iron them flat if you like. Sew a button onto the centre of the decoration. I had some old buttons in my stash that I used. Then attach a loop of gold thread or something you have on hand so that you can hang your creation on the Christmas tree.....

...and Voila! You have a quick and easy folded fabric Christmas decoration. Sorry about the dodgy photos but it was too cold in the late afternoon to take photos outside in the natural light and I obviously know zilch about taking photos inside in fading light. LOL!

If you haven't watched the YouTube video as yet then do check it out as it is easy to understand and I found it interesting to see a man doing the sewing. :-) Katrina's tutorial is also a simple one. 

Before you know it Christmas will be just around the corner.


  1. These are cute little christmas deco's Nanna Chel, thanks for the tutorial :o)

  2. They are cute aren't they Nicole? Cute and easy is right up my alley.:-)

  3. Nanna Chel,
    These are great idea, will give them a try. I like the link to the guys youtube channel too will check that out as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Shiralee, I am sure you would have no problem making them.

  4. Lovely! Ummm, I have more than enough Christmas fabric :O!

  5. You think you had problems Chel, i just travelled home for a family wedding held on a station at night (pitch black) with candles and fairy lights. Frustrating for a blogger! I've hardly any decent photos and it was a beautiful wedding - post to come.

    I'm impressed with the decoration and i think id have to watch the video 10 times.

  6. Lynda, I hope some of the photos turned out okay at the wedding. Taking a photo when it is pitch that would be a challenge.


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