Tuesday, 23 December 2014

It's Recliner Time!

What changes a new baby makes to a household! Mr.Isaiah James came home from hospital yesterday much to the excitement of his two older sisters. It didn't take long for an already exhausted mum to become even more tired after a sleepless night. So Nanna has been coming to the rescue and the bub and I have had some bonding time on the recliner in the early hours of the morning
Isn't it amazing how the normal daily routines get thrown out the window when a newborn arrives on the scene? We finally got the third load of washing out on the line by lunchtime and the same with washing the breakfast dishes. As the bub's sisters will have to go to school and Prep next year, establishing a routine around the school timetable is going to be a priority. However at the moment everyone is just in survival mode and that will probably be the case for a few more days. I am so pleased we were in hospital for five or so nights when I had my children. Times have changed however.
Surely it is not a great problem to let mums stay in hospital a bit longer to get their strength back especially when they have children at home to look after as well. I guess that is being old fashioned but it sounds like common sense to me.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly babies bring everyone down to earth with a bang. Mum is usually too tired to attend to much apart from the basic needs of the bub while they getting into a routine with feeds, burping, changing nappies etc. and just the mere noisy passing of wind is greeted with loud expressions of approval. Life becomes very simple as the needs of the newborn are being met as they become more familiar with the noises and interactions of the family they have been born into after hearing them for so long in their mum's womb.
However, that cute little baby can certainly turn a household upside down in the middle of the night when they are hungry or can't pass wind. They can turn a strong healthy mother into an exhausted shadow of her former self in just a couple of nights :-) That will pass soon enough though as those of us who are nannas know and sometimes we yearn for those days when our children were little as they grow up so very quickly
My oldest granddaughter is already six and ready to go into Yr.1 next year and she just won an Academic Achievement Award for Prep. I have always sent the children lots of books for their birthdays and Christmas and would read to them at night when visiting. However my granddaughter is now able to read and she reads the books to ME now! Recently I bought her some Level 1 reading books in the 'I Can Read' Princess Series. These books are not the usual Princess books but teach children basic values like being kind to other children who don't fit in, generosity, being a good friend etc.

They are great books to give a little girl if you have one in your life and it is probably too late to buy one for Christmas unless you have a Koorong bookshop in your area but do keep them in mind for future reference.

Well, that's it for this nanna for today. I am off to bed as I was up for a few hours holding bub last night and tonight might be the same as well. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. Thank you so much for all your congratulations on the birth of our new bub.



  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news!
    Thank goodness for Nannas too I say.
    I cant wait for my turn now! :)
    I really love those princess books and didnt know about them.
    What a beautiful baby. I am thrilled for you! xxx

    1. Your turn will be here before you know it, Annabel :-)

  2. You look very comfortable in that chair holding Isaiah (very biblical). Does the name have relevance to a family member. Have fun.

    1. It was the name my girl had when their second girl was born. Isaiah means the Lord is generous.

  3. I really like the name Isaiah very much. The blessing of a healthy child is priceless.

    1. Yes, the name suits him Phil. He is a little cutie!

  4. What sweet times! I only had one baby so I can't speak to coming home with a house full but I'm sure it is exhausting. I'm sure your daughter is so thankful that you are there with her during this time. I have always loved reading and it was very important to me to pass this on to my kids. We read to them all the time and required (still do) quiet reading time everyday.
    Thanks for sharing your family!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!

  5. You have a wonderful Christmas too, Joyful! I hope it is a very peaceful one.

  6. I'd be getting my quota of hugs if I were a grandma too! He looks so tiny. I bet he'll be 18 and towering over everyone, before you know it! ;)


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