Saturday, 27 December 2014

Nearly time to go home.

Our new bub, Isaiah James, is just over one week old now and it is nearly time for Nanna to go home. It has been a week of getting to know him, trying to get into a feeding and sleeping routine while trying to keep one's eyes open at the same time. Some nights have been better than others but I am sure he will settle down wonderfully once he is a little bigger and has gotten used to the noises made by his two older sisters.
Today something very unusual happened. It rained in Mt.Isa! It has been so very dry here but there have been a couple of storms in the last three weeks or so which have been much appreciated by the locals I am sure.
I have been looking at the radar back home in SE Qld and it looks like it has been raining there too so I imagine my veggies, especially the cucumbers, will be growing prolifically so there will be some preserving to do when I get home.
The other day I saw this apparition on the screen door...fortunately it was on the outside.

Apparently this lizard is called a 'ta ta' lizard...'ta ta' as in it runs along and then stops and waves one leg as if to say 'Ta Ta'.

Then there are the Gecko lizards. These do come inside and the locals are quite used to seeing them on their walls. They are reasonably small and the one in the photo was actually a baby one which had died and the girls found it upside down in the kitchen.
Thankfully we don't have these lizards where I live or there would be some blood curdling screams if I ever came across one climbing up the walls. They don't bite though (as far as I know) and they make a sound a bit like someone kissing loudly for want of a better description :-)

So tomorrow Nanna has to give Miss Six another knitting lesson and try and take some photos of the girls with the baby. Getting everyone to sit still at the same time will be a major achievement. Then I fly home the next day. Storms are predicted and I hope the flight won't be as bumpy as the flight up here as it was cloudy all the way and I felt quite nauseated by the time I arrived. It will take a while to get used to quietness again after living in a home with enthusiastic little children.



  1. The rain is a good omen. Knitting lessons for Miss Six is so, so important - it is passing on life skills to newer generations.....certainly far more than just a simple childhood activity.

  2. lizards are wonderful creatures, have a house full of geckos here too, though loud kissing isn't what i'd call it, they are pinkish in colour & get quite a size, don't think any keep their tails for very long as they are always in growth
    great post, looks like bub is starting to settle in
    have a good weekend & a safe trip home

  3. Adorable.....oh I love babies but yes, they can completely exhaust their mummy's....what a lovely time for you to get to know this baby when he is so small. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. You are probably home by now already, hope your flight was OK. Ive put my head up from books for a few hours to see what is happening in the world.

  5. What a cute bubakins! Sounds like you're have a lovely time visiting. It did rain here something chronic, like for days! Dried out just before New Years, and another storm is heading our way. Great for the garden though!


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