Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Old fashioned recipe: Mock Chicken in Tulip Bread Cups

I have been looking through the recipe book I had when my children were growing up and thought that it was about time I wrote out the recipes I wanted to pass on to my daughter and perhaps make up a recipe book for her before throwing the old one out. It is tatty and stained and in need of a revamp well and truly. I have been meaning to make up the recipe for Mock Chicken in Tulip Bread Cups as it was given to me by a lovely lady who is now in heaven and I have very fond memories of her. These would be great to take along to a Christmas outing when you have to 'bring a plate'.

'Bring a plate' may be an Aussie saying but it just means to bring along some food...not an actual plate :-) I did do a Google search for 'Mock Chicken' but no similar recipes came up so obviously the term means something different these days from what it did in the 1980s.  If you would like to make a 'plate' of these, here is the recipe:

Mock Chicken in Tulip Bread Cups

Ingredients for filling:

1 tablespoon butter
2 large tomatoes - skinned and chopped
1 finely grated onion
1 cup coarsely grated cheese
1 egg
Herbs as desired


Melt butter. When heated add grated onion then tomatoes. Cook till soft.
Fold in unbeaten egg and cheese and stir till cheese is melted.
Add herbs and cool. Add a little chicken soup powder if desired.

Tulip Bread Cups

Trim crusts off and brush bread slices lightly with melted butter.
Place each slice buttered side up into cups of deep muffin tins, pressing into a tulip-shaped shell.
Bake in a moderately hot oven for 15-20 minutes or till crisp and golden .
Cool on wire rack.

Wrap well and freeze up to one week or store overnight in an airtight container.

To serve, place shells on baking tray. Add filling and heat through in moderate oven but don't overheat the filling.

Now I can't show you any photos of mine as I haven't made yet! :-) I hope to make some with my granddaughters in the next few weeks but I thought some of my readers might like to cook some up for their next Christmas party. Christmas parties are few and far between for me these days.

Also the daughter-in-law of the lovely lady who gave me the recipe lives in the same town as my daughter and she is going to ask me for that recipe...just like she did last March during my last visit. Oops! Now I can direct her to this page.

Let me know if you make it as I'd love to hear of any variations!


  1. Let your blog be your recipe book and we can all share in it. What a legacy. Nasty carbs again. Hey, im down 6kgs so far.

    1. You are doing well with the diet, Lynda especially at this time of year. There is an atrocious internet connection at my daughter's house so just as well I scheduled a couple of posts. I am in the local library now as there is free WiFi. No baby yet but he is due today so it won't be long.

  2. The bread cases are always a good standby, you can add filling.

  3. This recipe sounds good, sounds like something children might like for lunch too.

    In the US, we usually ask others to bring a "covered dish" for a meal to share.

  4. I was thinking of the term from when I was a kid and Rhonda came up with it "covered dish"! And of course you take it to a "pot luck"! This sounds good Nanna Chel, it is definitely going in the 'to try' section of the recipe book. I did recipe books for the kids a couple of Christmases ago and they were a huge hit, all the kids fave recipes from family, grandmas and Aunts, in fact my Mom wanted one for herself! It is a very good idea! Thoughts and prayers for you all on baby watch!

  5. I LOVE these Nanna Chel. A very fond childhood memory for me. Thankyou!

  6. I do hope you get a chance to post a picture of these - I would love to see them :) :)


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