Friday, 12 December 2014

Baby Watch

We are still on baby watch as the arrival date for my little grandson has been and gone but he will come when the time is right. My daughter was given a Baby Shower recently and she was definitely showered with gifts including this fantastic 'nappy cake' made by a friend. I know that nappy cakes are often given on such occasions but this one 'takes the cake' so to speak:-)

It is a motorbike/scooter cake and is a real work of art as you can see. I imagine it involved a lot of hard work too putting it all together.

The bub's room is ready for him. He will be in a bassinet for a short time and before we know it he will have outgrown it and progress to the cot which his mum has fitted out with handmade sheets, ruffled mattress cover and a 'retro' quilt made by Nanna which was made from a cot panel kindly given by a fellow Down to Earth Forum member.


The pattern on the quilt was quite common at the time my daughter was born. Cute eh?

I have limited internet access so will keep this short. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and you are able to spend some time with family or friends in the coming weeks. We will be enjoying our Christmas baby. Surely he will arrive before then :-)






  1. A baby cake? I have led a sheltered life! :) I hope the baby child arrives safely and soon. Best wishes to you and your family Chel, for Christmas.

  2. It is all so very nice Nanna Chel. Never had baby cakes around when my kids were babies. Oh my, how things have changed :)

    I love the retro quilt, such pretty colours.

    I hope your wait is soon over...cluck, cluck :)


  3. How sweet! I hope you get your little guy soon! :)

  4. waiting waiting waiting i bet your daughter just wants the little guy out for other reasons. If only all children were as eagerly anticipated and provided for. Love the cot setup.

  5. There is nothing so nice in the whole wide world as the smell of a new baby - love it.

  6. Oh I love the quilt, reminds me of the kind around when my oldest was born as well! That is an awful lot of work for the scooter, but what a special gift! I imagine your daughter is ready! Thoughts and prayers for mama and baby!

  7. Nanna Chel,
    Baby guy is going to love the quilt. I like that motorcycle nappy cake too. Have a good Christmas with you and yours.
    - Shiralee

  8. Thanks for all your comments and well wishes. No bub yet...but maybe tonight :-) Hope it is soon as it is very hot weather to be pregnant with 43C days coming up next week.


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