Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Big Wait

We braved the shops during the week hoping that my daughter wouldn't go into labour while we were there and as we were walking down the aisle in one of the shops I passed by an elderly lady who had a Woolworths hessian bag in her trolley. It was decorated with yo-yos also known as Suffolk Puffs and was very colourful.
I asked her if she had done the sewing herself but she had bought it in Townsville, a city on the East coast of Australia. She was happy for me to take a photo and I am sure that it will give a lot of readers some good ideas about prettying up their Woolies hessian bag if they have one. I believe hessian is called burlap in the US. Doesn't it look great?
The new baby hasn't arrived and my daughter wanted to mix up--- a variety of Christmas sweets to give away so made some Coconut Ice, Chocolate Balls and Apricot Balls. She has been inspired by Annabel from 'The Bluebirds are Nesting' and, if I was really clever with using this Blogsy App I would learn how to link to Annabel's lovely blog but the link is in my blogroll so head over there and take a look if you haven't visited there before. She recently made and beautifully packaged some Apricot Balls so we used her simple recipe. The recipe for the Chocolate Balls are on Kim McCosker's '4 Ingredients' website which will come up in a Google search as her books and videos are hugely popular.
Apricot Balls

1 440g can Condensed Milk
500g chopped apricots
1 cup fine dessicated coconut
More coconut for rolling mixture in.
Combine all ingredients, roll into balls then roll in extra coconut. Enjoy!

The only problem is trying not to eat these sweet delights before they are given away as Christmas gifts.



  1. The Suffolk Puffs are the most cute embellishments!
    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you and yours,


  2. I love love love truffles or little ball sweets, especially apricot but im saving my splurge on sugar/carbs for Christmas Day. Only thing is i have two of them. One in NSW next Sat with my family and another here in Melbourne on the day.

    Hope the baby is a lovely Christmas gift for all.

  3. Once again you have sent me to the search engines to look up something you mentioned in your post! I have learned many things from reading you. :) I just had to know why they were called 'Hessian' bags and now I am feeling sorry for some long dead German soldiers! The bag is very cute and yo-yo's is something I want to learn (after Christmas gifts are done!) Thanks for the good idea! My heart goes out to your daughter who must just be feeling very ready by now! Got her on my prayer list!

  4. Thanks for sharing the picture with the yo-yo's on the bag. I will make a note of it because it looks like a craft project I could work on with my young niece when she comes to visit next.

  5. I know you can link using Blogsy but I haven't worked it out either. You can copy and paste - eg. copy a link in Safari for a blog then paste it in Blogsy. That is what I do but its a bit old school!
    Ooh, how exciting - a grandbaby anyday! So lucky!
    I made Cherry Ripe balls and Malt Roll today which I will get up on the blog. Both easy recipes and great because you can stuff them in the fridge or freezer for closer to Christmas!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  6. Ive been waiting on news of this baby! How will I be waiting on my own daughter when the time comes?
    Today I made coconut ice. I usually do the traditional half white/half pink effect but today I thought what the heck and did it all very pale pink. It is the prettiest colour! Like pink milkshake. The apricot balls look beautiful. All the best for good news soon! xxx

  7. I remember starting a quilt of Suffolk puffs when I was about 12. It's still not finished and I'm! I underestimated how many I'd need obviously. I hope there's news on your grand baby soon. All the


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