Saturday, 31 January 2015

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had this happen to you? You are online and suddenly you get a message saying there are problems with your network .... a message you have never seen before. So like all technologically advanced people you ignore the message and when the internet starts up again you carry on as normal on your trusty iPad. When eventually it drops out Again and doesn't return, you turn your device off and try not to think bad thoughts about your service provider who you pay a fortune to each month for internet access. You just think they are probably working on the NBN in your area and all will be well later on in the day as it always has been before.
But alas! Not so! When you check later on it still isn't working and you start to get this feeling of dread that you are going to have to ring the service provider's call centre which is in another country far away from Australia and where the locals don't have the same 'accent' that Aussies do. In the end you give in and make the call and are pleasantly surprised to find that you have a helpful person on the other end of the line whose accent you can understand...well mostly anyway. Long story short, it wasn't a problem with them as there were no outages and, as my modem wasn't one of theirs, I had to ring the call centre of the makers of the modem. You know where this is going don't you?
By this time my lack of sleep last night was beginning to take its toll but I gritted my teeth and rang yet another call centre and this time got a young girl who barely spoke English. Now, I don't have any problem with people for whom English is their second language but when I am trying to tell someone about an issue I have no clue about anyway and they can't speak English very well it makes it very frustrating for both of us plus I don't want to offend a young girl who is probably just doing a job to put food on the table for her family by continually saying 'I beg your pardon'. In the end I just couldn't understand her so had to say thank you but goodbye. I have no internet until I can get a technician to unearth the problem which will cost another fortune I dare say and have to resort to my Blogsy app. once more to write a blog post which thankfully I can do offline then I have to tether my phone to my iPad to publish it. Also I have decluttered my iPad photos (as I am so tidy...not true) so I don't even have any new photos to add.

The last photo is of the beach at Caloundra is where I want to be right now....with no devices or internet problems!!! Sorry about the winge! :-)


  1. Oh, Chel! You and I have been living parallel lives! I am bearly at the stage where I will have a stroke if I don't get my problem sorted!

  2. ...that should say 'nearly' not bearly. Lol!

  3. We are having internet problems too. So it must be a bigger problem. If you choose your wording properly you can get those overseas operators to put you back to one in Australia. I will have to ask hubby what you need to say and let you know. He does all the ringing up, as he loves a good challenge lol!

    We are on an old pair gain line and have been told we wont be getting the new NBN that is being laid around town at the moment. We are quite ropeable about this, as we don't know what happens to us when the NBN is switched over, do we get disconnected from the internet all together, who knows! If I disappear from the internet you will know why. I am not mobile phone savvy, so that wont be happening either lol!


  4. Chel, I hope it is all fixed for you soon. I was having a problem last year, different from yours though, that was fixed after a windows update. Don't know if that was what fixed the problem or if it was just a happy coincidence though. I bet the beach at Caloundra is looking a bit more crowded than that today.

  5. Whinge away my friend. I usually throw my hands in the air and play the female card of not understanding techy things (hang on, that is the truth after all) and wait for my hubby to fix it. It doesnt take long as both boys are permanently online and so if i am having problems then so are they.

    How beautiful are your flower photos. Such clarity.

  6. Oh you're a funny girl Chel! That all sounded very familiar. Sorry to hear you're having IT problems - hope they sort themselves soon.

  7. We all can imagine what you are going through Chel because we have all been there. As you say, it is extremely frustrating to not be able to understand the voice on the other end of the phone. Hope a solution will find its way to you soon.

    By the way Caloundra is very hot and humid today - so don't feel too bad that you are not there.

  8. O Chel in my post today I also said I wanted to be back at the beach......Good luck with the inter net...

  9. Well winge is over as the technician found the problem. I will explain in a new blog post in case anyone else has the same problem. It might save you $80!

  10. Keeping it real manna chel.....sorry to hear you are having problems. I hope they rectify soon, with ease xx Kel


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