Thursday, 5 February 2015

Bella Magazine ~A Quality Magazine for Young Girls

While waiting patiently at the checkout, have your eyes ever wandered over to the magazine stand and you have cringed at what some of them are headlining on their covers and I am talking about the magazines targeted at young girls not women in their very late teens and early adulthood. Well, if you have ever wished there was an alternative which you could buy for the young girl in your life then your wish has been granted :-)

When my daughter was growing up Focus on the Family used to publish a great magazine for girls called Brio  which I subscribed to for my daughter but unfortunately it was discontinued in 2009. Even though it was targeted at the US market the articles were inspiring and there was an emphasis on looking outside of yourself and helping others, not only in your own little circle but in other countries as well. Before my girl turned 21 she had already been to India twice and to Vanuatu where she worked with other team members to help those who were less fortunate than we are here in Australia.

So I was delighted when Bella magazine started publication as it filled the gap in the market for a magazine full of quality articles which concentrate on what is really important in life.The 2015 January/February edition was published recently and, as usual, it is full of beautiful photography and interesting articles.

I did ask a member of the Bella committee for permission to put this info on my blog so don't start thinking I am breaking any Copyright laws, will you? Okay....the first article is Changing the set of jeans at a time which is about how girls who have been trafficked or sexually traumatised in Cambodia are being helped by a guy called Jimmy Bartle who started up a denim label, the proceeds of which are helping these girls create a better life for themselves.


 ain't no mountain high enough is about Alyssa Azar who is an 18 year old from our area who is attempting once again to climb Mt.Everest this year. You can read more about her in this article from our local newspaper. You may have seen on the TV news last year that there had been an avalanche on Mt.Everest and 18 climbers and Sherpas had been killed. Well, Alyssa was attempting her first climb then and everyone was turned back after the tragedy. Not one to give up, she is preparing for the climb once again. How inspiring is that?


 As I said there are always lovely photos in Bella and this article is about a Dusk Banquet for girls to enjoy the company of each other as well as good food!


There are a couple of posters to hang on the wall for encouragement...

...a q + a article where pertinent questions are answered by Dr.Johanna plus heaps of other good stuff to read. The really good news is that regardless of where you live in the world you can now subscribe online to Bella Magazine here and you will receive 6 copies each year in your mailbox. If you would like to order a hard copy you can also do that here. If you live in the Toowoomba region you can find stockists on this page. I think it is a worthwhile investment in a young girl's life and I hope the magazine is still being published in seven or so years when my oldest granddaughter becomes a teenager. I can imagine my daughter tensing up as she reads about that event :-)

Bloggers always seem to put disclaimers on their blogs when they promote something or other but no, I am not sponsored by Bella or anyone else. I only promote what I like and believe in but I do have a soft spot for the editor as her mum and I were friends last century when we had our girls five weeks apart and, as they were our firstborn, we experimented on them as we learned how to be mothers. LOL! They weren't scarred by the experience at all obviously.


  1. While waiting patiently (?) at the checkout I go pick up a magazine and start reading in the hope that staff will see me and open a new checkout. I could be kidding myself but it does seem to work. I really like that first poster - it sums up my 2014 and it reminds me of the "Malcolm Fraser - "Life wasn't meant to be easy" award I received at the Christmas breakup party my first year at work. The whole quote is "Life wasn't meant to be easy, my child, but take courage: it can be delightful". I noticed the mag was available in the shops in Toowoomba. Why does all the good stuff come from Toowoomba? {My great grandparents farm was at Umbiram ; ) } Thanks for the info on the magazine, very useful.

    1. Sherri, all the good stuff comes from Toowoomba because we are 'special' :-) Hmmm, I will try that trick the next time I am at the checkout. The only problem is I don't like any of the magazines! LOL!

  2. What a lovely supportive post and a great magazine. My friends read Dolly but i got the occasional glance when i visited. Certainly were no mags of any description in our home. When i was a little older and living on my own i was scandalised by Cosmopolitan. I certainly learnt a lot of new things. LOL.

    1. There were certainly no magazines when I was growing up. The closest we got to them were the Girls' Annual books.

  3. It is beyond refreshing to see something of substance being offered for young girls. I found your blog through Sherri and am enjoying your posts.

  4. Welcome to my blog, Brittany. Thanks for your comment and I am glad you are enjoying my posts.

  5. This is cause for celebration! I am appalled at the swill that appears at the checkstand where just anyone could read it and half of it seems to need a brown paper wrapper! (stepping down from the soapbox) Thank you for the info, Miss Lily is not old enough but several friends have granddaughters who are and if it is available online it won't matter they are up north here!


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