Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Do you like the monster in my garden?

I was having a walk through the garden a couple of days ago to see how many weeds need pulling out when I spied a monster caterpillar eating through the pelargonium leaves. I got as close as I could to take a photo before sending him to a better place but when I uploaded the photo onto the computer I was amazed at how 'beautiful' (not sure if that is the right word) it looked.

Isn't that incredible? Such intricate detail.

Now back to the weeds! You may think there are weeds in my veggie garden but looks are deceiving as I have already weeded most of it. I actually planted flowers to attract the bees and confuse the pests.  The  Landcress which was planted to deter the brassica pests  is growing really well. You can see it  behind the lettuce that just came up by itself recently. No need to plant lettuce here as they just appear at this time of the year. LOL!

The brassicas are nearly finished with just a couple of cauliflowers growing now so there is a lot of work to be done in this garden when I can muster up enough energy. The CEO bought me some sugarcane mulch from ALDI which is on special so that is a job to be done soon as well. 

Some of the bromeliads are now coming into flower but these are myleast favourite ones...

...especially this one which is really, really spiky and you don't want to be silly enough to get close up to take a photo. Don't ask me how I know ;-)

A while back the CEO got me a fuschsia cutting from the lady we buy our honey from and I am anxiously waiting for these to open up.

 This yellow kalanchoe isn't looking as nice as it did last year so perhaps it needs repotting and bit of TLC for a change. Still...it is pretty, don't you think? 

The freesias are nearly finished, the Flanders poppies are flowering as are the California poppies which never fail to appear despite the drought which isn't surprising I guess seeing as California doesn't seem to get that much rain. I am looking forward to seeing some of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers gardens as I am always amazed at what some of our clever gardeners grow each year despite the weather conditions. 

If you live in the region do think about coming up the hill for a visit as the city is looking resplendent at the moment. 


  1. Your garden is fabulous Nanna Chel. It's been years since we came up for Carnival of Flowers...maybe this year? Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Mimi, the weather should be nice and the gardens are fabulous as usual. This weekend is the busiest time normally as the parade is on but the following weekend should be less busy if you plan to come on a weekend.

  3. Beautiful looking caterpillar, Chel - It was a shame he needed to be sent elsewhere. They can just destroy a plant overnight though, can't they - hungry little monsters.

    1. He was certainly chewing through those pelargonium leves, Blinky. Almost as bad as the ones that get on the cabbages. LOL!

  4. Chel,

    It is definitely spring at your place. There's lots happening in your garden! Our garden isn't nearly as beautiful as yours. We have lots of overgrown grass in our backyard and not much else. The bush is looking good though with a couple of different wattles in bloom. Enjoy the Carnival of Flowers!

  5. We'll be passing through Toowoomba next week Chel on the way to Girrawheen for a few days. I'm looking forward to admiring all the gardens as we pass through. I'll be making hubby drive slowly! The fuschsia reminded me of when I was a kid in Tassie. We used to pop all the buds like this as it makes a great sound!

    1. You could stop for coffee at the Cobb and Co Museum and then walk to Queens Park just down the road so that you can stretch your legs, Hutchy. The gardens there are beautiful. What do you think your hubby would say about that plan? ;-)

  6. Everything looks lush and abundant. Even the caterpillar!
    The carnival of flowers sounds fabulous to me. xxx


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