Sunday, 20 September 2015

Teaching children to grow their own food

 On Saturday we decided to visit the Bromeliad Show  at one of the local schools. At the entrance was a stack of Toowoomba Chronicles (our local newspaper) from the day before which were being given away for free so I grabbed one as the map of the competition gardens was inside and we wanted to visit a couple of them during the week.  

Well, we need more Bromeliads like a hole in the head but thankfully we left without any new plants although there were some stunning plants there which we don't have.... this variety which grows an edible pineapple! Apparently pineapples are part of the Bromeliad family. Who would have thought? This plant won a Champion's prize by the way.

Some of the leaves on the plants were fascinating like this stripey one which drew a lot of attention.

Once home again I was looking through the newspaper and checking out the Carnival of Flowers garden competition private gardens, when I came across a notice that a local school, Rockville State School, had an open day to view their gardens so we walked up there to take a look.

We were greeted by some of the teachers as they offered to take us on a tour and we were so surprised to find kitchen gardens had been built behind the classrooms and that the children were being taught how to grow their own food as the school was part of Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Program.

Stephanie Alexander is a cook, restaurateur and author who encourages the use of fresh produce from the garden. To be honest, I wasn't even aware of the program she had started but was absolutely thrilled to learn about it. What a wonderful idea to teach children how to grow their own food.

The school is not situated in one of the more affluent suburbs so it is even more wonderful that the children are being given the opportunity to learn this skill. As they had also been given a grant they were able to purchase a gas Pizza Oven and visitors to the gardens were invited to pick veggies from the pizza garden and cook their own pizza.

I was going to write more but seeing as I just clicked on 'Publish' instead of  'Save' I only have time to edit my published post before going to watch Jamie Oliver's Sugar Rush documentary which is on in a few minutes. The joys of blogging eh? LOL!

Does anyone have children involved in the Stephanie Alexander program? I would love to know. Isn't it a wonderful and inspired idea?


  1. This is a truly wonderful innovation by schools - good on them. Good on you for taking the time out to visit and show your enthusiasm.

    1. I think it is a wonderful idea, that should be implemented in most schools these days.

  2. Its an amazing program that has been operating for some time down here in Melbourne. Glad to see it has made its way up to Qld. They are doing a hell of a lot better than the Year 8 & 9 across the road from my house. There's is pathetic attempt and i want to run over the road and fix it up on weekends. Pity its secured. like the school, by a 2.5m fence with security. I wonder would they like some worm wee (she says after offering it to everyone and sundry. I've a bit of a glut since unblocking the pipe.

  3. Lynda, this is a primary school whether that makes any difference or not. There are so many gardens that are producing ceggies and the children are also taught how to save seeds. I would certainly offer your worm wee. ;-)

  4. I think this is a fantastic idea, thankyou for taking the photos of their gardens, beautiful :)

  5. That is a great idea, both for the practical experience and the fact that kids will eat stuff they grew themselves when they might otherwise turn up their noses at some veg!

  6. Nanna Chel, I grew up on a farm, where we grew or bartered just about everything from eggs, to milk, to meat. I would have loved my children to have that experience, but alas, it was a different existence by then. Only now is my eldest son along with his wife, seeing the value in growing their own food. A win for Mum at! It's a valuable life skill I think. Mimi xxx

  7. Lucky you...great to see thye children growing vegs, they love that!
    I once looked down into a large bromeliad and saw a large frog looking back up at me lol


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