Monday, 28 September 2015

Ummm, I can't remember his name! ~ A story for my grandchildren.

I promised my little granddaughters I would write them a story and that when I visit in three weeks time I hope that they have a story written for me too. They are only 6 and 5 and are early readers so Mum or Dad might have to read this to them. It is just a silly story along the lines of the old one about the fact that cauliflowers will start growing behind their ears if they didn't wash there when taking a bath. At the time they hadn't seen a cauliflower so imagine the surprise when they discovered what they looked like. ;-)

I am not a story writer and I know this is a silly one and I also am aware that some of the animals probably aren't male but it was just easier to call them that. Our local shopping centre, Grand Central, is currently featuring these animals, some of which are animated and let out the odd roar, in their Safari Zoo Adventure. They are also promoting our small but growing local zoo, Darling Downs Zoo, which is home to meerkats and white lions as well as lots of other animals. The centre is currently upgrading as you can see in some of the photos.

The girls will need to name the animals.  So here we go with Ummm, I can't remember his name!

Mr.Gorilla wasn’t happy. He had woken during the night with a toothache and was in a lot of pain. He

 thought he would go for a walk in the jungle and try to find someone who could help him. Perhaps

they would have some Oil of Cloves. As it was so dark and he couldn’t see where he was walking,

he fell over and hit his head on a rock. Ouch! So now he had a headache as well as a toothache.

He came across his friends who had been woken up by his loud growl and came running to see what

had happened. He looked very groggy and they were worried as he didn’t seem to recognise them.

They were all standing around him in a circle and he looked at each of them in turn and wondered

who they were.

He could see a familiar red bird and couldn’t remember his name but thought it started with 


Next to him were two big animals who were roaring as they were trying to work out if he could hear them. He couldn’t remember their names but thought one started with L and the other one’s name also started with L but finished with s. He did wonder which was which. Do you know?

 They had their striped cousin with them too who was roaring as well so it was all quite deafening.He thought his name started with T.

Next to them was a tall animal with a really, really long neck which would be very useful for reaching yummy leaves on a tree and he couldn’t remember his name but thought it started with G.

What a funny looking fellow he was!

Going around the circle Mr.Gorilla looked at the animal next to him and saw a huge one with a

big horn who looked like he could get very cranky. He wondered if he knew him and he hoped that 
 he was a friend not a foe and he couldn’t remember his name either but thought it started with R.

Things were not going well for him as all these animals seemed concerned as if they were his friends

when suddenly a long grey trunk appeared and another really, really, really big animal arrived. He

 was panting because it had taken him so long to reach them because he wasn’t very fit and hadn’t

been exercising. Mr.Gorilla was hoping that he was a friend also and he couldn’t remember his name
 either but thought it started with E.

On his way he had met up with a black and white striped animal in the jungle and told him to come

along to see who was making all the noise but he had to walk very quickly to keep up with this very

fit and fast animal. Once again Mr.Gorilla thought he knew him and couldn’t remember his name but
 thought it started with Z.

By this time the red bird decided that they needed to get help so spread his wings and flew away to

find the Flying Doctors as they would know what was wrong with Mr.Gorilla. They came quickly,

landed their plane and took him to hospital. By the time he came home to the jungle he knew

 who all the animals were once again.  He was very pleased that he had such good friends who came

to help when they knew he was in trouble.

Do you have friends like that? 


  1. What do you mean you're not a story teller? That was a ripper!

    1. Thanks Phil. I think the girls liked the story.

  2. You're a hidden talent Chel! Fantastic story and very clever working in the Grand Central display. Thumbs up.

    1. Barb, it is a great display they have at Grand Central. The kids would love it.

  3. Hehehe! That's so cute Nanna Chel. Love it. Mimi xxx

    1. Thanks Mimi. I hope the gorilla found some Oil of Cloves. Ha ha!

  4. Lovely Grandma. If you publish would GC want a royalty for props?

  5. what a lovely story! you are an excellent story teller too!
    well done!
    thanx for sharing

    1. I have read a few children's stories over the years, Selina. I worked for over 20 years in a school library. That helps. ;-)

  6. Loved it Nanna Chel! I think you have hidden talent my dear. Keep on writing, you do it so well :)



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