Monday, 5 October 2015

Origami Spring Wreath

Last year I made an Origami Christmas Wreath following the Origami Modular Braided Wreath
instructions. It is very small and basically a Christmas tree decoration. However, recently I spotted some lovely paper at the Kaisercraft store here in town and thought I would experiment with making a spring wreath, not that I normally decorate at the change of the season, but I know this is a popular occupation in the Northern Hemisphere and readers from there might be interested. 

 While the squares for the Christmas wreath were only 3 inches (7.6cm) the pages in the pad I bought from the specials box in Kaisercraft for $5 were 6 1/2 inches (16.5cm) square. I thought I would get going and see how big the wreath turned out to be. 


 There are some lovely designs in this pad which is called True Romance. You can see the variety in the link. The paper is actually quite thick which caused me some problems which I will explain later on. 

I particularly like the roses.

Here you can see the wreath is growing as each section slots into the previous one. 

Also included are some gift tags and other pretty little embellishments which would look lovely on cards or gift cards. 

 Finally the wreath was finished off with a ribbon and hung up. 

Now to tell you the problem I had. This paper is almost like card so it tended to split at the fold so perhaps isn't the most appropriate choice for this wreath unless you are very careful not to press too hard on the fold. In the end I was reinforcing the fold on the other side with sticky tape. Still it does look nice don't you think? When finished I did fiddle around with using flowers and different sheer ribbons but I thought that took away from the lovely designs on the papers so just added a plain ribbon instead.


You can also buy a pad of Christmas themed paper called Santa's List.  I waited for a while till it was on special for $5 too. 

This too would be suitable for cards and gift cards. I am not into 'all things Santa' at Christmas and there were lots of other really nice designs in the pad with reindeers, baubles etc. 

A few months ago, with a Christmas wreath in mind, I bought this origami paper at a $2 shop which had just opened and this paper is much easier to work with as it isn't as thick. It was $2.50 for a pack.

So there you have a few ideas for Christmas or change of season decorations if you are so inclined. At the moment we are having a really hot day...for us anyway...and it is 31C (87.8 Fahrenheit). The southern states are baking apparently so it looks like it is going to be an interesting spring and summer this year as usual. The heat seems to be the new norm now.

We had a few days with storms passing through last week and they brought little rain for us but did drop lots of hail closer to the coast and caused mayhem on the highways apparently. 

News of world events isn't getting any more positive but that isn't worrying the Rainbow Lorikeets. They are happy just as long as they can eat our apricots. They don't worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. Perhaps there is a lesson for us to learn from them ;-)

 Have a great week everyone! 


  1. great post! & gorgeous paper! just love roses, though not into wreaths ...
    we got some nice rain last week with the storms, almost full overnight of rain, today was 33`c here & the sky was super clear all day! it was an amazing blue too. the sunset was was a beautiful crimson too
    don't watch the news so am like the lorikeets :))
    thanx for sharing

    1. It is lovely paper, Selina. Glad you got more rain than us.

  2. I think the birds (here, too) have the right idea. Sure, they do not have rent to pay, chocolate to find or little boys to have messy fun with, but that kind of simplicity, state of being is very compelling.

    Oh, and the papers are so nice. The wreath looks too difficult for me, but it sure is purty.

    1. J, the wreath is very easy to make. Honestly!

  3. Yes, I have often thought about trying to just live in the moment a bit more. I think I miss the beauty of many moments because I am so future driven....

    1. It all depends on the season of life you are in, Phil. I am a lot further down the track than you are.

  4. Such a pretty wreath, you are very clever. Two boiling days here over the weekend, looking forward to the forecast cool change later in the week.

  5. I do like your wreath and so much more appealing knowing the effort that went into it. Clever Girl.

    1. Lynda, it is very easy to make. Just a lot of repetition.

  6. Barb, thankfully it should be cooler tomorrow. I am over the heat already.


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