Saturday, 14 November 2015

From Yowie Country to Flower Country

We made our way back home from the beach on Thursday. It is a three hour drive and the towns we often stop in on the journey home are Kilcoy and Esk. Kilcoy is a one hour drive from Caloundra and has a lovely picnic area with a playground for children to relax while the adults stretch their legs. I have stopped at this park almost every year for as long as I can remember but I can't say that I have seen the Yowie statue before and if I have I have totally forgotten.

You can stick your head in the hole of the painting of the Yowie which you can see on the right hand side of the statue which makes an 'interesting' photo. 

According to this sign the last reported sighting of the Yowie was in the Sandy Creek area in December 1978. So...where is the Yowie now I wonder? Sounds like a bit of Aussie humour I think. You can buy Yowie coffee in the park and there is also a little Art Gallery to browse through.

Another hour on and we came to Esk which is nestled at the base of the Glen Rock monolith. This is another rural town with a tourist friendly park and lots of interesting little shops along the main street including....

...a quirky antiques shop which I must check out one day instead of just walking past. 

We got in the car again for the last leg of the journey between Esk and Toowoomba.  The area sustained significant damage during the floods of 2011 and this road was closed for some time. There has been major work done to prevent damage in future disasters and to lessen the chance of rockfalls in this mountainous region.

Hopefully we never see a disaster of such magnitude again. 

After a short hour of driving we were back home again where the Jacaranda trees are looking their best right across the city. 

We drove in and the CEO yelled out that we had arrived just in time as he had started vacuuming but never one to stop a man from doing housework, I went to check on my veggie garden and found that nearly everything had gone to seed! I have lots of weeding and planting to do in the next couple of weeks I feel.

I planted some zucchini before I left and the leaves already have mildew on them as there was quite a bit of rain when we were away apparently so I will have to make up a spray soon and treat them. 

I have been trying to grow a hoya for some time and was very happy to see it flowering. 

To finish off a lovely week a friend from the Down to Earth forum sent me this beautiful cushion. I just love the design and the colours and got such a surprise to receive it. Such a thoughtful thing to do which is much appreciated. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. That Hoya brings back memories. I havent seen one since i was young. Mum grew them under the pergola. Thanks for the drive. That is one super dooper cushion. Very talented friend.

    1. The hoya is beautiful isn't it, Lynda? It used to be growing at a place I worked years ago and I just loved it.

  2. The yellow shell petrol bowser- that brings back memories. Can you remember the big golden fleece petrol stations back in the day?

    1. Phil actually I thought it was a Golden Fleece bowser at first. My dad used to sell Golden Fleece petrol and I often wonder if Shell took them over because of the yellow colour. Lots of memories on an old shop like that at Esk.

  3. i used to live at Kilroy before i moved here, that yowie used to be a top a huge old log! though it used to get moved around the park a fair bit because of vandals, the 'face in' was never with it, that's been added since i was there, it is a lovely park though.
    your hoya is beautiful!
    thanx for sharing


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