Saturday, 7 November 2015

Storms on the horizon

Today a number of storms swept cross parts of Queensland. It became very dark and thundery just after lunch so we made a quick dash back to our unit as it looked like we were in for a storm. I headed to the ocean behind the units to take a few quick photos of the approaching storm.

However, no rain fell in Caloundra despite the lightning and thunder. I was a bit miffed to see a family get in the pool with children while there was so much lightning around but I think I must definitely be getting old and cranky ;-) 

Once the weather cleared we took our evening walk and were treated to a stunning sunset.

Everyone had their cameras out. As I can't get my camera photos to my iPad which I am using Blogsy on at present I took some on my not-so-Smartphone and they didn't turn out too badly. 

On our way back to the unit once again we saw a fisherman catch a huge Dewfish. I took a photo on my camera to show the CEO as he says you never can catch fish at Caloundra. All the nearby fisherman were very excited so will probably fish all night trying to catch one of their own. LOL!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.



  1. Wow. I agree with Phil. Seriously stunning.

  2. Your photographs so phrequently phonominal. Phabulous.

  3. Chel, I love clouds because I know it means a spectacular sunset. Gorgeous shots. Love, Mimi xxx


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