Thursday, 5 November 2015

Life in Paradise

We have been in Caloundra for three days now and the weather has been spectacular...not too hot and with a lovely sea breeze most of the time. We are staying in a unit right on the water so it can get a bit breezy here but we don't mind as it is better than hot humid weather.

Breakfast simply must be eaten out on the balcony while enjoying the morning views of boaties trying to catch their breakfast. We have both been so tired since arriving that the day starts late. I never sleep well the first few nights I am away from home so am feeling a tad ordinary.

However, despite the tiredness we still go on our late afternoon walk along the boardwalk while the sun is setting.

We watch the antics of the locals as they wait for the tourists to share their fish and chips.

Meanwhile the pelicans are staying close to the fishermen in case they get thrown the odd fish. 

It only takes ten minutes or so to walk along the boardwalk to Kings Beach now whereas it took us at least 30 minutes years ago when the children were little and before it was built. They loved scrambling over the rocks as they made their way from Happy Valley to the sand of Kings Beach. Each rock pool they came across would have to be investigated in case there was a crab hiding in there and it was so much fun and became a bit of a tradition. This December my grandchildren can do the exploring as they holiday here for a couple of weeks. 

The water is calm at the back of our unit and it is quite tranquil and a lovely place to sit and watch the passing boats and rowers. Earlier today I had a brain snap and decided to take the bus up to Kawana Shopping Centre. The driver didn't tell us the route had been changed unfortunately. When we finally arrived there after a hot walk in the sun I wondered why we had bothered as all the shops were the same as the ones in Toowoomba. We didn't stay long and bussed it home again...back to the ocean and the peace and quiet. I decided I am definitely getting old and cranky. 

Tomorrow a friend is taking us to a soap supplies place which I am looking forward to so very much. 

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. I don't know how you're coping with that. It looks terrible. Said no one ever!
    That looks beautiful. Lovely photos. I am a bad sleeper the first night anywhere and fine after that so I take a travel tablet before bed. Knocks me out cold. Then I'm good the rest of it. Works well for me. I am headachy if I don't sleep.
    Have a beautiful time! Raining here xx

  2. I love the second last picture of the water and rocks - I could sit on those rocks and just think. Have fun at the soap supply place! Tell us all what you bought / saw

  3. Love these pictures! Is this the same place you went last year? I enjoy seeing folks travel pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your pics are amazing. What a beautiful vacation place. Enjoy.

  5. Enviable view and conditions. I just love that part of Caloundra, tranquil but still plenty to sit and watch. Have a lovely stay.

  6. You are certainly doing it hard, NOT! How beautiful and peaceful. Shopping would definitely not be on my holiday agenda. Sleep, Reading and lots of Nanna naps are the go.

  7. Nanna Chel,
    You're missing the heat here in Toowoomba and the late storms. Loved seeing the pics of the ocean too. Have a good time. I agree about Kawana, I never did like it, and the place is crazy at Christmas time.

  8. it does look most tranquil, stay put and relax now Mrs!


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