Monday, 2 November 2015

Queensland ~ A state of extremes

In my last post I showed a few photos of the trip up to Mt.Isa. I never knew you were allowed to take photos while flying and was very happy when I was told it was alright as long as I didn't turn on my camera when taking off. Seeing as the 'old' planes now fly to Mt.Isa which don't have movies showing which used to keep me busy as I watched the kids' films like Happy Feet, I spent my time peering out the cabin window to see if there was any interesting areas we were flying over that those who haven't flown to the Outback may not have seen before.

It was quite cloudy and stormy when we left but no rain fell in Mt.Isa unfortunately. It was lovely flying above the clouds and looking down at the barren landscape below as we made our way to Brisbane.

                               Don't you love the variety of colours in this parched land?  


Eventually the landscape changed and I am not sure what the lines are in this photo as I hardly think it was fertile farming land.

Eventually we flew over what I presume is a farming area....

...and saw this unusual pattern as gradually some green areas were visible. 


Not deserving of a 'large' photo, this is what QANTAS serve up to the passengers on their Mt.Isa route who pay over $350 one way as I mentioned in my previous post. No tray these days and somehow you have to eat this 'something' using the cardboard base as a plate. I was also offered a tiny chocolate which I didn't take...of course ;-) Then to top it off, I was given a cardboard cup when offered tea or coffee. We used to be given a QANTAS cup on a try but not anymore. I mean, in the scheme of things, it doesn't really matter but surely they don't need to cost cut that much. I thought they had stopped using disposable knives and forks (which are still available if you ask) so as to reduce waste which is commendable but to serve a cardboard cup means that is going to be thrown away unlike the cups of yesteryear. I still would like a tray seeing as I am an old chick and a bit messy and would be happy to wipe it myself after I was finished eating if that is too much work for the staff. LOL!

Anyway, back to the scenery, I loved the patchwork look of these farms.

I could tell when we were near Brisbane as everything was green and lush. If I had been on the other side of the plane I would have been looking out at the spectacular Sunshine Coast as we got ready to land.

We always seem to fly over Brisbane for quite a while before landing as I guess the planes have to wait their turn. I turned the camera off at this stage until we were on the tarmac.

Then we were on the ground again and when I got out of the terminal there was a storm brewing as it was very windy and cool and a bit of a shock after leaving the dry and hot Outback. I had plenty of time before catching the Greyhound bus back home and we left late enough to miss the severe and damaging storms that passed through a half hour or so before.

I hope that hasn't bored you but I always love to see the scenery in other bloggers' areas and in particular some of the overseas ones.

We are packed (I think) and ready to load up the little car and head to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow morning bright and early if we can get out of bed early enough. The holiday accommodation office rang today to say that they would be closed from midday until 3.30pm for the Melbourne Cup just in case I arrived during that time. Ha ha! I told her we should be there at 10am or so all being well. We can get straight into our unit so I should be able to have a Nanna nap before lunch. :-)

Some of the Jaboticabas are nearly ripe so I will be home too late to pick any but I am sure the CEO will have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hopefully I will be able to check in from the beach to say hello. Have a great week everyone!


  1. I have done a fair swag of air travel in my time and will never tire of staring out that window even if it is just cloud - mezmerising. The food....I agree, I would be happy to pay an extra $20 for a proper meal on a half decent set of cutlery and crockery etc if that is what it takes. My Aunty Kitty used to work for Ansett back in the 1950's - 70's and she used to run the kitchens near Mascot at Sydney and prepare all the meals - back then it was proper plates cups and cutlery and linen napkins and each passenger got a tote bag to keep - back then you dressed up in your best to fly as it was a privilege and a great event. Now days it is like transporting cattle (hence cattle class as the common slang I suppose).

  2. I'm not a great lover of cardboard cups either Chel. I take my own "keep cup" to our coffee kiosk where we go most mornings. I wonder if the airlines would let us use these? I might try it next time.

  3. Love seeing the scenery, and yes I remember real meals on the flight if it was near a meal time! To answer Hutchy I take an empty thermos cup (keeps hot or cold) through the security and then fill it with something (usually coffee) in the terminal - a little spendy but so much better than the in flight stuff!

  4. Lovely photos! I laughed at the bit about the plane "meals", I hate all the waste. Once I gave back my unused cup and cutlery and told the steward that they were not used, but she put them in the rubbish anyway, argh! Now I take them home and use them as spares for travelling etc

  5. Your pics are wonderful. I always loved the birds eye view when flying. I take my own snacks and drink on board now. The little they do give out could not satisfy anyone anymore.
    Glad your flight was enjoyable.

  6. Thanks for your comments. I am using my prepaid phone data while here so can't get online much. We had a safe trip to the beach and am loving looking out at the ocean. After the dryness of Mt.Isa it is such a contrast here.


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