Friday, 18 March 2016

Beekeeping Workshop

On the 9th April our Simple Living Toowoomba group is having a Beekeeping Workshop which will be presented by a local member of the Beekeeping Association.

There has been a change of date for this workshop so if any readers who live in our area have already booked in could you let our co-ordinator Margy know if you can come on the 9th April instead of the original date of 16th April.  It will be held at 140 Carroll Road, Hodgson Vale just outside of Toowoomba. Look for the red mail box with the name HUNT on it. Mr.Neville Hunt has very kindly invited us to come to his place to learn how to keep bees. He will show us the equipment required and outline the processes involved.

It will go from 10am till 12 noon and the cost will be $5. There will be no swap before this workshop like there normally is. 

Please RSVP 6th April. Bookings can be made through Simple Living Toowoomba

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to vote if you live in Queensland :-)


  1. I'm sure this workshop will be abuzz with excitement and a hive of activity (sorry couldn't resist)

  2. Ha ha, Phil. It certainly will be.


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