Saturday, 8 October 2016

Hello from the North West

I had an uneventful trip up to the North West which is just the way I like it and it was lovely to see my daughter and her family waiting as I got off the plane. As I only see the children every six months or so they have always grown so much in that time and especially my little grandson who is nearly two. There has been a new addition to the family...a little puppy called Patchy who is cute as a button.


It is busy as usual up here and to say it is a bit of a change from my retired lifestyle is an understatement. The weather is warming up and it is expected to be 38C on Monday so it is a tad warmer than it is at home and that is another understatement.



The day before I left home I made a batch of soap which could start curing while I was away. The bottom layer was coloured with green clay and I quite like the way it turned out in contrast with the yellow of the rest of the soap which was coloured by the Carotino oil which was one of the oils I used. It was still a little soft the morning I left but it had to be cut so I used my Wiltshire Staysharp as usual and I didn't have any trouble with cutting it but it was still a bit too soft to make a clean impression with the stamp. I will do a blog post about it when I get home as I will then have a record of what recipe I used for future reference and you never know if any readers might be interested as well.


Today we had a lovely time building chimneys and knocking them down so it was a bit like old times when my children were little. Life is so simple for young children and they are just delightful to watch and interact with. Of course Nannas are a bit biased :-)


There is no TV here and I haven't had time to catch up with the news but before I left home I saw on the news that Hurricane Matthew was expected to cause a lot of damage when it hit so I hope all my readers are safe.


Have a great weekend everyone.





  1. So glad you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the grandies :-)

  2. Nice photos! Patchy is so cute ♥

  3. Oh my Patchy is so cute, I think I would be slipping him into my luggage ;-) It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.


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