Friday, 11 November 2016

A Visit to Miss Gracie's House

Last Monday a couple of friends and I visited the home of Miss Gracie who was very excited to see us. She actually got so excited she had a slight accident. LOL! However, as the afternoon wore on she became a little quieter and actually sat still for a few seconds so that I could take a quick photo or two to show you. The photos were on my camera and I was unable to get them onto my iPad while I was away as I can't get the Wi Fi option to work so here are some of them.

Most of my readers would have heard of Rhonda and her husband, Hanno from Down to Earth. If you read Rhonda's blog you would have already met the little cutie. She is a bundle of energy as all puppies are and just loved chewing on our sandals and the odd toe.

It was a warm day so we had a lovely afternoon tea outside where the table had been adorned  with an exquisite tablecloth made from old doileys and placemats. You may have already seen it on her blog a while back. 

Although the elderberry bush Rhonda gave me two years ago is producing a few berries now it looks like I will have to wait a while till it is a bit older and then there should be enough berries to pick to use in recipes.


That is if the birds don't beat me to it.

I have mine growing in a large pot and not in the ground so perhaps it won't grow too high. Time will tell I guess. 

I was quite intrigued by the different varieties of chooks and every time I tried to take a photo of the beauties they took off so this was the only one where they were standing reasonably still. Aren't they lovely? We had a really nice relaxing visit and then drove back to Caloundra.

At sunset we went for our usual walk and I tried to take a photo of the hundreds of Rainbow Lorikeets that congregate in the trees on the Esplanade at sunset. The noise is deafening and they move so quickly that is is practically impossible to get a photo. They are really entertaining though and I am sure most tourists love seeing this spectacle each night.

We took the Nikon Coolpix camera with the massive zoom down to the Esplanade to wait for the Pacific Dawn to pass by one evening as I mentioned before. My son zoomed in and saw it on the horizon before it was visible to the naked eye.

It had left the port of Brisbane several hours before and eventually it turned much to the delight of the spectators.

It really was cruising along and my son had to take photos really quickly before it disappeared. He took some photos of it passing a container ship with 'China Shipping Line' written on it and, in comparison, it looked like a slow boat from China...not a 'slow boat to China' as the expression goes. The Pacific Dawn just whizzed past it.

So that was the end of our holiday. As I have said before I will really miss the sunsets as they aren't really visible from where we live at home due to houses being in the way. I loved seeing families playing on the beach at that time with the swan looking on while waiting for some food I guess. The golden glow on the water was always a perfect end to the day.

Now it is back to the usual routine. Have a relaxing weekend everyone!


  1. That Gracie looks like a real sweetie even if she does chew toes! And I love Rhonda's tablecloth. My Grandmother had an old wooden chest where every drawer was filled with embroidered doilies and cloths. I used to love opening a drawer and taking each doily out to look at the stitching. Have a lovely weekend too. Meg:)

  2. I often wonder why it is that pets can conjure up in us such pure, unreserved, no-strings-attached joy and cheer. Gracie surely is a heart-melter. I am going to miss it when both ears are standing up straight.

  3. How lovely to have had some time away, and also to enjoy sunsets. :-)
    But I bet in your heart "there's no place like home". Be blessed!

  4. Back home again now Nana Chel, but with so many more new memories to hold onto. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos with us.


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