Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Jam Making, Craft Shows and Heatwaves

There are a few events going on in our neck of the woods this month. We have our first Simple Living Toowoomba workshop of the year on the 18th and it will be a jam making workshop presented by Glenys who showed all three of us how to make pickles at our first ever workshop back in 2012. I can't believe it was that long ago. By the way if you would like the recipe for the Cauliflower Pickles Glenys made then just click on the link.

The following year she very kindly did a workshop about making fig jam. 

You can find the recipe here. If anyone lives in our region or is visiting you are most welcome to come along. The details are below:

Jam Making Demonstration
Date: 18 February
Time: 10-12 noon
Cost: $5
Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 23 Glenvale Road
What:  Making jam is a great way to preserve food and use fruit when you can buy it cheaply or have an abundance of your own produce. Glenys is a master jam maker.  She makes jam out of everything and anything.  She has just recently made mango and ginger jam.  Doesn't that sound good!  For this demonstration Glenys will be taking you through the steps of jam making, giving you lots of tips and tricks and many suggestions for jam combinations. She will also be giving you a small bottle of jam to take home on the day.  

We will be having our handmade and homegrown swap before the workshop.  If you would like to be involved bring up to five items that you have either made or grown.  All items need to be on the table by 9.45am.

Bookings Required: 15 February . Click here to book.

We are arranging felting, permaculture and sachiko embroidery workshops at the moment and they should all be extremely interesting so watch this space.  


Also we have the Craft Alive Craft and Sales Expo starting here on Friday. I am not sure if it has been held here before or not but I am heading out there early on Friday before it gets hot although it won't be as hot then as on Saturday or Sunday if anyone is planning on attending. I was just looking at the choice of workshops on Friday and there are so many it will be hard to choose which one to attend. If it is okay to take photos there I will show you some in my next post. 

My soapmaking thermometer in the bedroom at 5pm during a hot day!

I am sure if you have been reading Aussie blogs you would know that some areas of Australia have been having way above average summer temperatures for several weeks now with no end in sight. Well we were told on the news last night that in our area we can expect this to go on for at least three months. Such encouraging news eh? However, I had a giggle this morning when I was reading the headlines online of our local newspaper and saw that this post Welcome to Hell on Earth in Australia had crashed the Higgins Stormchasing site. Obviously lots of people wanted to read about the bad news. I have decided to adopt the AA slogan 'One day at a time'. I just can't cope with the thought of struggling through months of such heat so will just enjoy any cooler days we have and go to the movies when the temps get unbearable. I intend to watch Lion on Sunday afternoon to get out of the heat.  

Have a great week everyone!



  1. It's just not right, is it? I remember thinking (and writing) last year about how I thought Summer would never end. Here we go again this year. Driving me batty because I can't do much outside in the heat, and while there's plenty to do inside, I'd rather be out in the garden (or what will be left of it after more heatwave days). Just have to focus on staying indoors and making the most of that time. Enjoy "Lion"...and the air con in the movie theatre. Meg:)

  2. I'm so glad we got the second tank at the end of last year, and had the rain fill it. We've needed it to help water down the plants. We don't do it much, but we wouldn't have been able to do it at all, if we hadn't got the second tank.

    The way I'm getting through the hot days, is to be grateful every day we don't have a bushfire. I think we'll all be grateful when winter comes. :)

  3. yep it's going to be heatwaves up here too
    looks like an interesting movie, enjoy the cool theatre
    thanx for sharing

  4. All those free figs - yummo. I would definitely be stealing a few to grill under the griller and then serve hot with a little mascapone cheese.


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